What Is the Hardest Drug to Quit?

For most addicts, the hardest drug to quit will be whatever one they are hooked on. While living with an addiction can feel challenging in

Handsome man enjoying sunset and planing future

How to Cleanse Your Body of Cocaine

Are there ways to safely and quickly detox from cocaine?   What is Cocaine? Cocaine, the common name for benzoylmethylecgonine, is one of the most

girl showing the connection between marijuana and teens

The Dangers of Marijuana and Teens

Marijuana or weed is a hot topic right now with many states debating if they should legalize it. Regardless of how people feel about the

man wonders how addictive is xanax before using

How Addictive is Xanax?

There’s a massive addiction crisis in the United States, and one of the primary reasons is addictive prescription medications. While opioids are a leading cause

individual mixing Xanax and alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

It’s never a good idea to mix drugs. Alcohol itself is a drug even though many people don’t think so. While people shouldn’t mix any

individual purchasing over the counter drugs

The Most Common Over the Counter Drugs

Addiction is a major problem in the United States, but many people think it’s limited to illicit drugs. The reality is that more and more

woman using common types of opiates

Common Types of Opiates

Opiates provide pain relief. But many people use them recreationally. What are the most common types of opiates? And if you’re struggling with addiction right

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