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woman wonders about the difference between CBD vs THC

The Difference Between CBD vs THC

Legal or illegal, many find it easy to buy marijuana. Now, there’s also the option in particular areas to purchase the individual cannabinoids THC and

individual struggling with over the counter drug abuse

Common Causes of Over the Counter Drug Abuse

Visit any pharmacy or supermarket, and you can find aisles filled with medications that can be obtained by anyone without a prescription. These over-the-counter (OTC)

party drugs being shared at a party

What are Party Drugs?

In the club scene, party drugs lure in teens and young adults. A few innocent-looking pills quickly result in addiction. Fast forward a few months

teen wonders is marijuana bad for you

Is Marijuana Bad for You?

With the legalization of marijuana in certain states, there’s a huge debate going on. This debate focuses on the potential health risks of smoking marijuana.

girl wondering what is THC

What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical found in marijuana. In fact, this chemical is responsible for most of the psychological effects that weed causes. However, what

man wonders how addictive is xanax before using

How Addictive is Xanax?

There’s a massive addiction crisis in the United States, and one of the primary reasons is addictive prescription medications. While opioids are a leading cause

weed in containers as we ask is marijuana addictive

Is Marijuana Addictive?

When people think of addictive drugs, marijuana doesn’t usually come to mind. That’s because most of them think of weed as a non-addictive substance. However,

examples of heroin as you ask what is heroin

What Is Heroin?

There are many hazardous and illegal drugs out there. However, few drugs are more addictive than heroin. With that said, not everyone knows what this

individual purchasing over the counter drugs

The Most Common Over the Counter Drugs

Addiction is a major problem in the United States, but many people think it’s limited to illicit drugs. The reality is that more and more

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