Despite the comfortable, safe home life you provide for your teenager, your son or daughter often has easy access to drugs and alcohol. For example, addictive substances may be simple to get at school or weekend parties. Thus, what are the signs of teenage drug abuse parents should look out for? If you identify them, how can you help your child?

Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs?

A drug deal at a night club illustrates teenage drug abusePeople want to fit in. This is especially true for teenagers. If they hang around kids who use, they may decide to take drugs as a result of peer pressure.

Additionally, many teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with stress. They might not know any other way to handle life’s difficulties. Others are simply curious. For example, they may decide to drink alcohol because it’s readily available at home or try ecstasy to see what all the fuss is about.

Overall, teens rarely think about long-term consequences. Often, they feel invincible and don’t consider the physical and psychological damage drugs cause. As they see short-term effects wear off, they might only think about obtaining more drugs.

Common Signs of Drug Use

If you notice changes in your teenager and suspect drug abuse, how can you find out the truth? Teens, just like adults who abuse addictive substances, usually won’t admit they have a problem. They may be in denial and believe their use is harmless.

Therefore, you might have to closely observe their behavior to get some answers. Typical signs of drug use include:

  • Falling grades
  • Weight loss
  • Drastic behavioral changes
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Change in peer group
  • Unusual tiredness

Different substances cause different effects. For example, if your teenager uses various drugs, they may be energized one day and lethargic the next.

Furthermore, besides the physical and behavioral signs of drug use, you might also notice missing money. Many teens use street drugs, but others use substances commonly found around your home such as cough syrup and prescription painkillers. If it seems like your medications are running out faster than they should, this could be a sign of drug abuse.

Getting Teenage Drug Abuse Help

The time to seek treatment is now. The longer a young person abuses drugs or alcohol, the higher the chances they’ll develop dependency. Ominously, this can continue into adulthood.

Your teenager’s brain is still growing, and every instance of drug use affects their development. Teens who don’t receive treatment for substance abuse suffer memory problems and are more susceptible to mental health issues.

As a parent, you’ll need to make tough decisions, whether your child is open about drug abuse or not. Above all, know there’s always help available and the right treatment facility provides hope not only for your child but for your entire family.

Take The Necessary Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA we prioritize our clients and their loved ones. We provide a supportive environment that encourages long-term sobriety in a small, intimate setting. Additionally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan to address teenage drug abuse, specifically. We also focus on healing the individual as well as the family unit.

Our rehab and addiction services include:

Whether you’re seeking treatment for you or a loved one, help is available. Don’t let addiction control you any longer. Call us today to give your son or daughter the future they deserve: 866-488-8684.