Outpatient Addiction Treatment Can Help Your RecoveryAn outpatient treatment program isn’t always the right fit for patients who need recovery from drugs or alcohol. But for those with personal obligations, outpatient addiction treatment can be a good option. Outpatient care is also great for patients who have been in a residential treatment programs, but need to continue treatment while living independently.

What is outpatient addiction treatment?

An outpatient treatment program is rehab for patients who don’t need to be within a tightly structured environment. Outpatient treatment patients do still need help overcoming addiction. They are provided with many of the same effective addiction therapy programs and addiction treatment programs that residential patients would receive. The primary differentiator of outpatient programs is that patients live at home or in another independent setting while undergoing treatment.

Although many patients thrive within the outpatient environment, others will benefit more from a different type of program. Outpatient rehab usually isn’t the right option for those who have suffered from addiction for an extended period of time or those who will experience severe withdrawal as part of detox. For anyone in outpatient rehab treatment, having a solid support system at home is crucial to individual success.

What type of activities does an outpatient treatment program include?

An outpatient treatment program usually provides an array of evidence-based therapies that are similar to those provided in residential rehab. When a patient begins treatment, addiction treatment staff will develop an individualized treatment plan to guide them through the recovery process.

This treatment plan may include the following:

Outpatient rehab isn’t as demanding as inpatient treatment. Patients in this program have the motivation to gain and sustain recovery even when staff isn’t supervising them 24 hours each day. Attending outpatient treatment is more of a challenge than residential rehab treatment due to the fact that patients must be responsible for adhering to their scheduled program. Patients also have to use what they learn each day, toward relapse prevention in the real world.

Outpatient treatment can still be quite time consuming. Patients are usually expected to be at a particular location three to four times per week. Each of these sessions will last from two to four hours and may be in addiction to the individual’s work or school schedule.

Outpatient treatment can be very good for people who can’t attend a residential environment. It works very well for business executives or others who need to continue working while attending treatment. The schedule of outpatient treatment allows patients to keep their jobs, continue home responsibilities, care for family and stay on track with their education. It’s very important that patients in outpatient treatment have good recovery support systems in their lives, such as family and friends.

Steps To Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania Offers Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Patients from throughout the northeastern United States attend outpatient addiction treatment at Steps To Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Steps To Recovery is a Joint Commission-accredited program designed according to the Florida Model of addiction rehabilitation. Patients enjoy the compassionate care of Steps To Recovery’s clinical campus and comprehensive therapies with integration of the 12-steps.

An outpatient treatment program could be perfect for your unique needs. If you or someone you love are ready for rehabilitation from addiction, contact Steps To Recovery now at 866.488.8684 to discuss the possibility of outpatient treatment.