Recently, gender-focused rehab is becoming more and more common. There are plenty of addiction treatment centers offering a mens rehab program. So, how is male-only rehab different from co-ed facilities. It’s important to explore male-focused treatment before making the ultimate decision.

What Is a Mens Rehab Program?

A young man considers men's alcohol rehabWhile there are rehab options specifically for women, there’s also treatment tailored toward men. Gender-separate rehab is based on observations made by medical professions and addiction treatment specialists. Conclusively, they found that men and women react to rehab much differently. Therefore, being in a facility where everyone is going though the exact same thing can be comforting. Above all, less stress during rehab increases the chances of lasting recovery.

Overall, men and women begin abusing substances for different reasons. Typically, they enter addiction treatment at different stages of their lives. Men tend to enroll in drug rehab later in life. Unfortunately, this also means men struggle with addiction longer than women do. This is why gender-specific programs aid the recovery process.

The choice to separate men and women during addiction treatment also helps patients relate better. Often, in co-ed group therapy sessions, patients won’t say certain things with the opposite gender present. However, in gender-specific group therapy sessions, patients feel more comfortable being open and honest. This allows them to speak more freely about their past experiences in a safe space.

Is Men’s Rehab Effective?

Some patients benefit from men’s rehab. However, male-focused rehab alone isn’t enough to reach successful sobriety. Additionally, the facility patients attend must offer comprehensive care unique to individual needs.

Overall, if patients enter programs that aren’t customizable, they may not learn the necessary skills for staying sober. That’s because all rehab patients, regardless of their gender, start abusing drugs for different reasons. Above all, they need the opportunity to balance treatment with flexible options that specifically cater to their recovery.

Men searching for effective alcohol addiction treatment should search for a facility that offers diverse, individually-focused programs. These can include mens rehab program. However, the facility should also offer a combination of programs to help their patients heal mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Where To Balance Mens Rehab With Other Effective Treatment Programs

Steps To Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania helps all men struggling with addiction. At our facility, we offer unique, personalized programs. Overall, these are designed to help patients reach lasting recovery. We offer individual counseling, group counseling, support groups, holistic treatment programs, stress reduction programs, educational services, vocational training, and more.

If men want to work with us through their entire recovery process, they can. We work with a nearby detox facility where patients can cleanse their bodies of addictive substances before entering rehab. Then, they can work with us through the rest of their addiction treatment. We offer services for:

If you’re struggling with addiction, quality help is available. You can go through addiction treatment at a facility with staff that sees you as an individual.

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