A woman relaxes in a holistic recovery centerAddiction is a complex disease. Therefore, you can’t target merely the physical symptoms and expect lasting results. Often, holistic recovery is the best choice. Explore how a holistic recovery center like Steps to Recovery offers comprehensive care for those struggling with addiction.

Getting to the Root of Underlying Issues

A holistic recovery center takes your physical, mental, behavioral, and spiritual health into consideration. Understand that healthiness isn’t only about physical well being. Technically, even if you’re free from a chemical dependence, you won’t lead a happy or meaningful life until achieving true recovery.

Addiction rarely develops randomly. Instead, the disease is a devastatingly slow process. Before reaching full recovery, you must address mental illness, a traumatic past, or the inability to handle stress first. If you ignore these, your chances of relapse are far more likely.

Furthermore, holistic recovery aims to uncover the individual cause of addiction. If it’s mental health, then dual diagnosis treatment is necessary. If it’s the inability to handle stress, developing coping mechanisms is key. Addressing these underlying issues is part of a comprehensive, holistic strategy for lasting sobriety.

It’s Not Just About You

Above all, the recovery process should prioritize the patient. However, holistic care offers support, education, and training to those suffering the consequences of a loved one’s addiction. Therefore, family involvement goes a long way in improving recovery.

Typically, family members are the first line of defense when a person is struggling with addiction. They often help patients work through challenging times and prevent relapse. Therefore, it’s crucial that family members understand the cause of addiction and how to help their loved one. Additionally, learning the differences between supporting someone and enabling them is vital to successful recovery.

Alternative Treatments Cater to Individual Needs

No two patients are alike. Unfortunately, some recovery centers offer a one-size-fits-all plan to incoming patients. If you take a holistic approach to health, it’s clear every individual patient needs their own unique treatment plan. Often, that means supplementing evidence-based strategies with alternative therapies.

While 12-step meetings are generally helpful, other alternative therapies may only be applicable to certain patients. For example, some patients might need job training so they can reintegrate into the workforce. Others might find fitness therapy highly stress-relieving.

A Holistic Approach Reduces the Likelihood of Relapse

Great recovery centers don’t just focus on sobriety. Instead, they help patients maintain healthy standards of living. Relapse is always a serious risk. Unfortunately, more than half of all individuals who achieve sobriety eventually relapse.

However, at a holistic recovery center, patients have better chances for reaching lifelong sobriety. Learning life skills is just as important as administering medications and therapeutic methods.

Steps to Recovery is a Holistic Recovery Center

If you’re looking for a Pennsylvania drug rehab option, consider Steps to Recovery. As a holistic center for recovery, you’ll receive help in a number of ways. Most importantly, we create a treatment plan for your unique needs. The holistic treatments and strategies available include:

Group counseling
• Individual therapy
Dual diagnosis support
Relapse prevention training

A holistic recovery center helps you achieve health and stability in every aspect of life. Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, can be the ideal place for your recovery journey. Call 866-488-8684 to conquer addiction and take back your life.