There’s often more to addiction than meets the eye. In fact, many addictions co-exist with personality disorders. In some cases, the addiction causes the disorder, but in other cases, the disorder causes the addiction. Either way, personality disorder treatment in PA is an integral part of overcoming addiction.

What Is a Personality Disorder?

individuals discussing personality disorder treatment in paBefore people start looking for personality disorder treatment in PA, they need to know more about this condition. Actually, it isn’t just one illness. “Personality disorder” is an umbrella term that includes several disorders.

In general, however, this term refers to a type of mental condition. People who suffer from such an illness typically have unhealthy or rigid ways of thinking. It leads to bad behaviors and actions. In some cases, their bad behaviors turn them toward drugs or other unhealthy activities.

People who need personality disorder treatment typically suffer from the inability to relate to others and situations. This disconnection causes many problems in their daily lives. For example, they typically have problems at work and school and in relationships.

Why don’t more people seek personality disorder treatment? The reason is that they don’t know that anything is wrong. They believe that their way of thinking is healthy. Because of that, it’s hard for others to convince them that they need help.

However, those with this mental disorder know that they feel unhappy or that they don’t fit in. These feelings lead them to self-medicate with drugs to feel normal. Unfortunately, the drugs don’t fix the problem. They have to continue to self-medicate to feel normal, which leads to drug abuse and eventually addiction.

Are Certain People at a Greater Risk of Needing Personality Disorder Treatment in PA?

Like most mental disorders, certain people are at a higher risk. Some studies suggest that personality disorders run in families. In turn, those who have a history of mental illness in their families are more likely to develop one.

However, family history isn’t the only thing that increases people’s chances of needing personality disorder treatment in PA. Some other risks include:

  • Sexual, verbal or physical assault
  • Unsafe or unstable living environment
  • Trauma
  • Low economic or social status
  • Failing to graduate high school or college

These are just a few factors that contribute to people developing personality disorders. It’s also worth noting that certain conditions affect one gender more than the other. This can put some people at double risk of developing disorders if mental illness runs in their families too.

For example, 78% of borderline personality disorders involve women. On the other hand, 90 percent of antisocial personality disorders include men. Despite that, doctors diagnose more women than men with mental conditions under this umbrella. It’s also worth noting that men are less likely to seek treatment for these illnesses.

Steps to Recovery Can Help You With Addiction and Mental Disorders

At Steps to Recovery, we provide personality disorder treatment in PA. In fact, we use this type of treatment as part of our addiction rehab program. From antisocial to borderline personality disorder treatment, we offer it all. Some of the different programs that we provide include:

Steps to Recovery takes great pride in providing treatment for both men and women. We create custom treatment plans to ensure that everyone gets the treatment that they deserve. We even create sober living plans to help them after rehab. The goal is to support them to avoid relapse as they adjust to home life.

Don’t suffer the effects of a mental disorder alone. Let us provide personality disorder treatment for you. Call Steps to Recovery today at 866-488-8684 for Pennsylvania addiction recovery services.