Underlying mental disorders play a big role in the development of drug addiction. With that said, some conditions are more likely to lead to addiction than others. One example is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Going through an OCD treatment program is an important step in helping people overcome addiction.

What Is OCD?

man in need of an OCD treatment programOCD is a mental disorder that causes obsessive thoughts and impulses that are hard for people to suppress. These thoughts and actions consume a considerable amount of energy and time. Sometimes they interfere with people’s ability to live normal lives and have healthy relationships. At this point, they need OCD treatment to help them manage the condition.

How do doctors diagnose patients with OCD? They use their own checklist to identify those who might have this disorder. They might consider people to have OCD if their compulsions and obsessions meet criteria such as:

  • Cause a significant amount of distress
  • Consume a large amount of time
  • Interfere with the ability to function normally
  • Cause distress within social and family relationships
  • Cause harm to themselves

Keep in mind that it’s natural for people to experience fear, worry, and doubt from time to time. It’s even natural for people to obsess about certain aspects of their lives. For example, maybe they spend a lot of time thinking about who they love or about paying bills. Having some intrusive thoughts or actions doesn’t mean that people have OCD.

OCD and Addiction

It’s helpful for people to learn about the link between OCD and addiction too. First, it’s worth noting that both are mental disorders. This fact is significant because once the brain develops one disorder, it’s susceptible to others.

Another link between OCD and addiction is the need to feel normal. When people suffer from OCD, they often seek some kind of relief from their obsessive thoughts. In many cases, they turn to drugs and alcohol for this relief. However, it only lasts as long as the high lasts, whereas an OCD treatment program can provide lasting relief.

For that reason, it’s important for people to seek proper OCD treatment. Failure to do so makes them feel like they’re alone in dealing with their disorder. In the end, they feel like the only thing that they can count on for relief is drugs. However, a proper OCD treatment program can make a difference.

OCD Treatment Program

A few OCD treatment methods are available to people. In most cases, however, psychiatrists like to stick to counseling. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular method for treating OCD. The main reason is that it can provide results in fewer sessions than many other techniques.

The goal of CBT is to help people replace negative behaviors and thoughts. The idea is that replacing negative thoughts with positive ones can change negative behaviors. CBT is not only a great OCD treatment program but also a great option for people with addiction.

Let Steps to Recovery Provide Treatment for Your Addiction and OCD

At Steps to Recovery, we offer Pennsylvania addiction recovery services. However, we strive to take our programs to the next level with dual diagnosis treatment. This type of program allows us to provide treatment for addiction and underlying mental disorders, including OCD and anxiety disorders.

Steps to Recovery, however, doesn’t just offer an OCD treatment program. We have a wide range of services to help you overcome addiction and mental health problems, including:

  • 12-step rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

Let Steps to Recovery show you down the right path. Learn more about our OCD treatment program today. Get help for addiction and other mental health issues when you call 866-488-8684.