woman after a womens detox programWomen struggle with alcohol and drug addiction in different ways than men. Daily life also looks different than the daily life of a man, requiring women to use their own methods of coping. When you enter detox, you need a program that understands these differences. Steps to Recovery provides rehab treatment for women, with that treatment starting at nearby womens detox program.

Addiction Help for Women

Women struggle more with addiction today than ever before. Use of illicit and prescription drugs leads many women into the darkness of physical tolerance, dependence and full-blown addiction problems.

When you seek treatment as a woman, you need a program designed for your specific needs. These programs start with a womens detox program and continue through a women’s drug rehab program. Through this help, you avoid becoming a rapidly growing statistic among women, that of overdose death.

Benefits of a Womens Detox Program

A womens detox program is the beginning of the end of your addiction. This is where sobriety starts. In a womens detox program, you gradually end your physical addiction and prepare for the next phase of treatment, that of rehab.

Detox usually takes about seven days, so this important phase does not last long. It gives you just enough time to start feeling better, rid your system of drug or alcohol toxins and look forward to your recovery and treatment where your new life begins.

Womens detox does not provide recovery in and of itself. You still need a quality womens drug rehab program.

Benefits of womens detox include:

  • A fresh start in sobriety
  • Preparation for rehab
  • Feeling of safety in women-only detox
  • Focus on women’s issues in physical and mental wellness
  • Peer support from other women

True Recovery Starts after A Womens Detox Program

After detox, your true recovery begins. You need a broad range of therapies, treatments, services, education, and support to form a foundation for a better future. These methods take place in rehab, such as the quality addiction rehab programs of Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Steps to Recovery helps you through a womens detox program, then helps you smoothly move into rehab treatment among your peers. As part of rehab at Steps to Recovery, you gain an individualized treatment plan addressing your personal needs for recovery. Treatment plans include a mix of therapies and services in two phases.

Your first phase of rehab at Steps to Recovery takes place on a partial hospitalization basis. The intimate environment of Steps to Recovery Phase 1 means you bond with eight of your female peers for 12 to 16 days. After the first few weeks of rehab, you move into Phase 2, intensive outpatient rehab for up to sixteen more days.

In Phase 1 you reach for daily goals, undergo individual therapy and family therapy, participate in the 12 steps and learn about your addiction. You also work on basic life skills. In Phase 2 of treatment at Steps to Recovery, you expand on those life skills, set long-term goals and prepare for living a sober life among society.

Steps to Recovery

All of this treatment helps you start your own life in healthy recovery quickly and with real hope for the future. The mens womens addiction rehab programs of Steps to Recovery treatment include:

  • PHP and IOP rehab
  • 12 step rehab
  • Life skills and coping skills education
  • Women’s programs
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Goal achievement

Get ready to start your better life in recovery with Steps to Recovery’s help. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684 for help getting into a womens detox program. Your better future begins when you make this call.