Deciding to enter a mens detox program is a big decision, indeed. This turning point in your life puts physical addiction behind you. But to maintain your sobriety and live the life you truly want, you need treatment through a licensed rehab program. Only through quality therapies, support and education can you and your loved ones start fresh without relapse.

Starting Your Recovery in a Mens Detox Program

man considers the need for a mens detox programA mens detox program is a fantastic step forward in your life. Congratulations on making this decision! But remember, a mens detox program does not fulfill all of your needs for recovery. You must learn how to live without drugs or alcohol, for the ultimate success in sobriety that you seek.

Detox cleans alcohol and drugs from your body and brain. Through this process, your brain stops relying on the substances for daily living. This is why a mens detox program brings ill feelings of withdrawal, as your brain adjusts to working with its own, natural chemicals.

Once the fog of your substances clears and your body feels energized and strong again, your true recovery begins. You need therapies, support, and education for this recovery to last. Otherwise, you just find yourself back in the clutches of your substance abuse and needing a mens detox program again. No one wants to go through that more than once, right?

What Rehab Treatment Includes

Knowing what rehab treatment includes helps you build excitement for your immediate future, your time after a mens detox program. In rehab, you learn about your addiction and why you started abusing substances in the first place. If you suffer a dual diagnosis condition of mental health, you also learn about that disorder and how to maintain wellness.

Individual, group and family therapy all play a major role in your mens womens addiction rehab programs. Individual therapy helps you work on negative beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that rule your life today. You learn more positive ways of thinking and how to produce the life you want. If you suffered past trauma, you gain healing from that pain, too.

In group therapy you work with your peers in recovery, learning life skills, coping skills and relapse prevention. You see yourself in others during group therapy, learning from their experiences, behaviors, and feedback. At the same time, your confidence builds as you rebuild healthy communication skills and support others in the group in their journeys.

Family therapy involves working with the people you love most toward life balance, mutual support, happiness, and positive communication. You learn about codependency, enabling and other negative patterns of substance abuse. You also learn how to work together toward common goals and a brighter future.

Through your therapies, education, and support, a mens detox program takes you out of the world of addiction and puts you into the life you only dream of today. In a mens drug rehab program, you learn all you need for your new life.

Steps to Recovery for Men’s Rehab Treatment

At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, your rehab experience involves different phases of treatment. These phases include:

  • 12 step program integration
  • Intensive outpatient and PHP
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family programs and family therapy
  • Life, coping, and relapse prevention skills development
  • Addiction education and counseling

In each day of Steps to Recovery treatment, you work to build a better life, one you feel proud of and enjoy. This starts with a mens detox program but ends with all of the potential you deserve. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684 to learn more about available programs and starting on your road to recovery.