Ending your benzo addiction can cause deadly side effects if you don’t receive the right help. You should never attempt to go “cold turkey” after abusing benzos. Instead, enter a quality benzo detox program where you gain the support, care, and comforts you need for comfortable withdrawal. After detox, true recovery begins in an accredited rehab center.

About Benzo Detox

evidence of the need for a benzo detox programStarting your benzo detox program opens you up to a wave of potential physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms prove very uncomfortable. But they signal your body’s work to cleanse the drugs and other toxins from your system.

Going through this process at home endangers your life. Your risk serious medical complications and overdose through relapse. You also suffer the worst of mental and physical benzodiazepine withdrawal effects without the medical help and medications you need. This is why you need help from a quality medically supervised benzo detox program.

In a benzo detox program, your safety and comfort take priority. Helpful and supportive medical staff watch your vital signs and keep you healthy by giving you the nutrition, hydration, and medications you need. You gain these services 24 hours per day and seven days per week. They make the difference between successfully getting through your benzo detox program and falling into potentially deadly relapse.

Ending your benzo addiction merely starts in a benzo detox program. That process only ends your physical dependence on the drug, not your addiction, per se. After your benzo detox program ends, you need to start rehab immediately. Following your benzo detox program with rehab gives you a real chance of long-term sobriety and teaches you how to avoid relapse.

What Happens in Rehab after a Benzo Detox Program?

After your benzo detox program, you start your future the right way with rehab. In an accredited rehab, you gain the therapies, support, education, and skills you need for a sober future. You have much to learn about your addiction. Without learning those lessons, repeating past mistakes through relapse becomes inevitable, just a matter of time.

Your benzo rehab needs include:

Your individual treatment plan will ensure you receive the help you need. Don’t try to fit into a program that meets others’ needs but not yours. In accredited rehab for benzos, you gain true recovery from a program that adjusts to your specific needs.

Dual diagnosis treatment helps you if you also need treatment for a co-occurring mental illness such as:

Many people start abusing drugs or alcohol because they suffer from undiagnosed mental illness. By gaining your diagnosis, you discover your own root causes of addiction, opening doors to more complete recovery.

Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA Provides Accredited Benzo Detox Program

Your best possible recovery from benzos takes place after benzo detox, in rehab. Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA provides this accredited rehab treatment featuring two phases. With Steps to Recovery’s help, you put your benzo addiction and substance abuse behind you. You also gain help and healing for your co-occurring mental illness.

Call Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA now at 866-488-8684 for more information about programs and services for benzo recovery. Talk to caring counselors about your needs for after a benzo detox program and gain verification of your insurance benefits. Your better life takes place in only two phases and proven steps to lasting recovery.