man ponders drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton offersAre you or a loved one fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol? If so, you can undergo quality treatment that’ll prepare you for lifelong change. Just remember that drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton aren’t your only option. There are rehab programs in other nearby cities that can help you achieve your goal of complete recovery.

Why the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services Scranton Offers Might Not Work

Addiction is a complicated and chronic disease. It impacts people in widely different ways. Though the drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton offers may have helped others, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best option for you.

Your rehabilitation needs are unique to you. These needs depend primarily upon your history and past experiences with addiction. If you expect to make a full recovery, you must find drug and alcohol abuse treatment that can be modified to meet your exact needs. Sadly, the drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton provides might not be sufficient for helping you conquer your problem permanently.

What to Look for in a Quality Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

While searching for the best rehab programs, remember that not all rehabs offer the same levels of care. Complete and lasting recovery requires comprehensive treatment that works to treat the user’s addiction from every angle. This treatment should include treating one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. If some of these needs are left unmet, the individual will remain at constant risk for relapse.

One component of any reputable rehab is its integration of family involvement. In many cases, loved ones act as enablers to addiction. This enabling happens for many reasons, such as not wanting to cause tension in family relationships. A quality rehab program will consider this and offer extensive opportunities for family therapy.

During family therapy, relatives and loved ones can learn more about addiction and how it affects users. This therapy could help your family gain insight into why you abuse drugs or alcohol, and why you can’t just walk away from abusive behaviors. Family therapy can also help you and your loved ones reconnect and start repairing the damage that your addiction has caused. All in all, family therapy will be beneficial to everybody involved.

Another thing to look for in a potential rehab program is its ability to treat any underlying psychological problems. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol also deal with a co-occurring mental disorder–such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. When two conditions exist simultaneously, the symptoms of one condition can exacerbate the symptoms of the other. Fortunately, dual diagnosis treatment can address both problems at once to help individuals achieve total recovery.

Undergo Thorough Treatment at Our Pennsylvania Rehab

Don’t limit yourself to the drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton offers. You can drastically reduce your risk for future relapse by choosing treatment to undergo Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

At Steps to Recovery, we deliver a unique 2-phase treatment program. Phase I involves daily goals, counseling (individual group and family), 12-step info and addiction education, and necessary life skills. Phase II of treatment focuses on expanding life skills; creating and achieving long-term recovery goals, and developing tools that are useful for re-entering and striving in society.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer many helpful substance abuse programs and therapies, including:

Get Help for Your Drug or Alcohol Problem Now

Don’t keep delaying treatment for your addiction. Your substance abuse problem won’t improve on its own. In fact, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more challenging your condition will be to treat. To gain alcohol and drug education, head to Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA.

Take the first step towards a healthy and lasting recovery by calling us toll-free at 866-488-8684. Our professionals are eager to share more with you about how our rehab programs can change your life for the better. Instead of struggling with drug and alcohol treatment services Scranton offers, head straight to Steps to Recovery.