An emptied pill bottle illustrates pill addictionPill addiction is a very serious problem. Whether it’s a pain reliever prescription or pills bought online, these drugs affect millions of people. Some accidentally develop an addiction, while others purposely abuse medication in order to get high. Regardless, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is always available.

The Dangers of Pill Addiction

Maybe you had surgery and your doctor prescribes medication for pain. You had no intention of developing a chemical dependence to it, but your tolerance levels increase regardless. Unfortunately, you found yourself needing to take more than the dose your doctor recommends.

Perhaps a physician gave you a prescription to manage your anxiety. Without realizing it, you got to the point where you couldn’t function without your medication and began increasing your daily dose.

All too often, people fall into addiction this way. In addition, not everyone who’s dependent on drugs decides to use for the sole purpose of getting high.

However, plenty of people do just that. They may abuse others’ prescriptions or get pills on the black market to satisfy their addiction.

Overall, when you abuse pills you run the risk of becoming dependent on them. This often leads to a harrowing cycle of addiction, which is extremely difficult to break.

Commonly Abused Pills

Which medications are more likely to lead to pill addiction? Which ones do people try just to feed their habit?

Common medications people abuse include:

  • Oxycodone
  • Xanax
  • Klonopin
  • Demerol
  • Codeine

Sometimes, teens and young adults use prescription painkillers found in their parents’ medicine cabinets. However, if they can’t find substances at home, they may buy them at parties or on the street, where many pills are sold illegally.

Signs of Addiction

Some medicines are strictly for short-term use. Once a person can no longer get pills from their doctor, they may begin doctor shopping, or looking for another physician to prescribe them. This is another sign of dependency.

What else should you look for, in yourself or a loved one, that indicates pill addiction? Additional signs include:

  • Constantly craving the medication
  • Missing work or family obligations
  • Sexual dysfunction, such as lowered libido
  • Taking someone else’s medicine
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

Once you develop a pill addiction, you’ll begin obsessing over obtaining more medication. Therefore, your job, family, and enjoyable hobbies become less important as your addiction progresses.

However, you don’t have to lose everything because of your pill addiction. Steps to Recovery can help.

Recovery Is Always Possible

We believe in authenticity and treating you with integrity at all times. In addition, our trained staff compassionately understands your struggle. We’ll customize a treatment plan to address your unique problems. Whether you’re dealing with a co-occurring disorder or you need an outpatient program that encourages your sobriety while you work or attend school, we have a plan for you.

Our addiction recovery and therapy services include:

Is addiction controlling your life? Understand it doesn’t have to. You can always overcome your substance abuse problem, whether it’s to alcohol, pills, or other drugs. Call us today at 866-488-8684. We’ll help you transform your life for the better.