Morphine is a product of the opium poppy. It’s legendary for its effectiveness in relieving pain. However, this drug has a definite dark side. Are you perhaps one of the victims of a morphine addiction?

How Morphine Works

young woman in need of the morphine addiction treatment PA provides The drug works as a nervous system depressant. It connects to the brain’s opioid receptors and interrupts pain signals. When you first take a dose, you might experience a pleasant rush. Afterward, you doze a bit and might slip in and out of consciousness for a few hours.

In contrast to other pain relievers, the body develops a tolerance to morphine quite rapidly. The morphine addiction treatment PA locals trust frequently works with program participants whose dependency developed quickly. Initially, they increased the dose. Soon after that, the morphine addiction took hold.

What’s It Like to Have a Morphine Addiction?

Do you know what if feels like to struggle with this chemical dependency? People abusing oxycodone and similar opioids frequently settle on morphine as the next step. Some users doctor shop until they find a health care provider who’ll write a prescription. However, there are other options, too.

At the morphine addiction treatment PA residents talk about, therapists work with people who frequently obtained their drug illegally. Unscrupulous backyard labs manufacture injectable morphine from extended-release products. These drugs have varying degrees of purity and potency. Therefore, it’s entirely possible to overdose.

As a user with a morphine addiction, you don’t worry about that. You’ll buy the drug from anyone who sells it. You even steal it from loved ones who have a genuine need for the pain relief. Quitting is possible with the help of the customized morphine addiction treatment PA therapists at Steps to Recovery provide.

Finding the Morphine Addiction Treatment PA Offers

Steps to Recovery is the morphine addiction treatment PA trusts for a reason. These experts recognized early on that this drug habit can have a firm root in an addictive personality. There’s evidence that suggests people with opioid addictions in their family backgrounds are at a higher risk of developing one. Therefore, they take great care during the intake to find out about your family history of drug abuse.

There’s still more. Many experts agree that plenty of cases of morphine addiction present as a dual diagnosis. Typical examples of possible psychiatric conditions include depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Besides that, some users rely on morphine to handle a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Treatment is vital for success. By setting up a collaborative effort with program participants, it’s possible to provide care for both conditions. Furthermore, there’s a strong push to integrate evidence-based modalities. Examples are:

  • 12 Step meeting attendance that emphasizes healing on multiple planes
  • Partial hospitalization, which gives you an opportunity to return home at night
  • Two-phase treatment with distinct goals and treatment delivery options
  • Family counseling as a way of including family members in the healing process
  • Talk therapy with an addiction treatment specialist

Additional modalities for the morphine addiction treatment PA trusts might include group therapy sessions and life skills training. Compassionate specialists work with you to help you progress at your own pace. When there’s evidence of an underlying co-occurring condition, treatment applications are flexible. You get the care you need when you need it.

Reach out for help for a morphine addiction today. Stop suffering and risking your life. Our Pennsylvania addiction recovery services routinely assist people just like you. Connect with Steps to Recovery today by dialing 866-488-8684 now.