MDMA addiction affects more people than you expect. MDMA drugs include the pill known as ecstasy, a tablet. Another form of MDMA is Molly, a capsule. Both of these synthetic MDMA drugs cause hallucinations, as well as psychological and physical effects. The only way to reclaim your life is through MDMA addiction rehab in PA.

About MDMA Addiction

MDMA addiction swept the nation quickly, starting with the prevalent use of ecstasy in the late 1900s. This abuse peaked in the late 1990s when the grunge era and all-night dance parties were at maximum popularity among young people. The drug’s abuse continued in the early 2000s through raves and rise of electronic music.

What many people using ecstasy or Molly today do not realize is the drug is cut with additives. In the past, the additives included mostly non-drug lactose. Today’s MDMA cut focuses on increasing its addictive qualities, profits for street dealers and potency.

Today’s ecstasy or Molly only includes less than 30 or 40 percent MDMA. The scary reality is how the rest of its content includes cocaine, bath salts, crystal meth, ketamine or other drugs.

MDMA addiction comes from the ecstasy effects on the brain. It increases the release of serotonin in the brain, leading to euphoria, sociability, and empathy. The surge of serotonin also causes sexual arousal, as well as changing sleep cycles and appetite.

MDMA also floods the brain with dopamine, heightening your pleasure, euphoria, and energy. Another rush comes through increased norepinephrine, causing a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, and often dangerous side effects.

Chronic use changes your brain’s structure and chemistry. In MDMA addiction, you need MDMA addiction rehab in PA. Without this help, you continue using the drug, suffering its effects and possibly adding new drugs to your addiction.

How MDMA Abuse Changes You

With MDMA abuse you suffer many adverse effects. These include a pattern of misusing it, creating another pattern of life problems and impaired daily functioning. You start craving the drug, especially during stress or to socialize. Giving in to your cravings means putting yourself and others at risk through dangerous situations like driving and suffering dehydration.

You stop pursuing your favorite activities or important life events with family and friends when addicted to MDMA. You choose the drug first, other people last. Your responsibilities slide, and you let people down over and over again. Continuing to use your drug leads to tolerance, then full-fledged MDMA addiction.

When you want to quit and say so, you find yourself not being able to stop using MDMA on your own. This leads to more time spent seeking your drug and more time using it or recovering from that drug abuse. You see your life falling into ruin all around you. But you keep using MDMA because you cannot beat your addiction alone.

MDMA Addiction Rehab in PA is at Steps to Recovery

MDMA addiction rehab in PA can save your life. The right treatment takes you from despair and ruin into the hope and light of a sober, happy and productive future. This help takes place in an accredited MDMA addiction rehab in PA, Steps to Recovery.

Steps to Recovery of Levittown, PA has helped many people just like you end their MDMA and other substance abuse. You can leave addiction behind you forever, with the right treatment. Steps to Recovery’s MDMA addiction rehab in PA includes:

You can get past your MDMA addiction. You just need the right help; the help found at Steps to Recovery in Levittown. Call Steps to Recovery now at 866-488-8684 to begin with our MDMA addiction rehab in PA.