Codeine is a prescription narcotic drug primarily for pain relief. Unfortunately, it can be highly addictive. If you’re struggling with a codeine addiction, seeking professional help is crucial. Find out what a quality codeine addiction treatment center looks like and how to begin recovery.

A man considers codeine addiction treatmentBreaking Free From Chemical Dependence

If you have a codeine addiction, there are many different aspects that need addressing. However, the best place to start is by eliminating chemical dependence. Typically, this occurs during the detoxification process.

During drug detox, patients completely stop consuming codeine. Therefore, they go through withdrawal, which can be unpleasant depending on certain symptoms. Fortunately, medical professionals help minimize pain during the process. Once patients are free from chemical dependence, they’ll begin making meaningful progress on the road to recovery.

Exploring Underlying Factors

The physical side of addiction is just one part of the equation. Overall, a codeine addiction develops for plenty of reasons. Thus, a good codeine addiction treatment center should address each of these. During rehab, patients explore underlying factors that initially led to addiction.

For example, some patients struggle with mental health problems. Acknowledging and treating these concerns makes it far easier to reach successful sobriety. Similarly, a history of trauma may play a role in addiction as well. Therefore, by resolving this trauma with therapy, patients are perfectly capable of moving forward with recovery.

Many individuals abuse pain management drugs like codeine because of an injury or acute pain. It’s unwise to ignore this history of drug use during rehabilitation as well.

Addressing the Need for Pain Management

Many people who need a codeine addiction treatment center began using prescription drugs to manage pain. While resolving initial discomfort can be immediate, other people experience lingering pain. Therefore, it’s naive to assume those suffering from chronic pain can simply cope without medication. This is why codeine addiction recovery should always address pain management.

Often, alternative medications are helpful. They may be milder, but for some, they can still make a difference. Another option is physical therapy or fitness training, both of which help relieve pain as well.

Furthermore, therapy also helps address pain’s psychological effects. Thus, learning to be mindful and meditative could reduce pain perception for many patients.

Planning for the Future

No matter how great a rehab program may be, it will only be successful if patients are able to maintain sobriety. Relapse is a serious risk, but planning and preparation increase the likelihood of lasting recovery.

Fortunately, life skills training is a large part of relapse prevention. Knowing how to manage your time, find a fulfilling career, and communicate with peers makes it much easier to live meaningful lives without substance abuse.

Codeine Addiction Treatment Center at Steps to Recovery

At Steps to Recovery, patients have access to comprehensive treatment plans for codeine addiction treatment. Diverse strategies and therapies mean every patient gets the unique help they need. The treatment methods we offer include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Group therapy
Dual diagnosis support
• Life skills rehab
Family counseling

Codeine addiction treatment is a necessity for anyone with chemical dependency. At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania, you can permanently break free from addiction. Contact Steps to Recovery today at 866-488-8684 to plan your journey to better health, happiness, and sobriety today.