Man with hangover knows that he needs an alcohol addiction treatment center

Are you suffering from an addiction to alcohol? Maybe your first DUI arrest happened this weekend, and it’s a wake-up call that you need help. Or perhaps a friend or loved one sat you down to discuss your problem. No matter what’s alerted you to the need to get help, it’s vital to get treatment at a trusted alcohol addiction rehab center like Steps to Recovery in Bucks County, PA.

When To Get Treatment

Even individuals with a moderate alcohol addiction need treatment at an alcohol addiction rehab center. Signs that it’s time for treatment varies from person to person. Maybe an individual has a serious talk with a supervisor at work who issues an ultimatum because of slipping performance due to alcohol abuse. Another individual may need treatment to save their marriage or another close relationship. Maybe someone wakes up experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms after a night of drinking and decides that it’s time to quit. Whatever the reason, treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center like Steps to Recovery is the best first step.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Treatment Process

During each client’s intake process at our alcohol addiction treatment center, a counselor makes a note of their medical history and health needs. Then our friendly staff members will show the client to their room and help them get comfortable. Over the next few days, they will monitor the client’s vitals as they detox, keeping them healthy and focusing their attention on quitting. This may include medical intervention, especially if there are any complications during the detox process.

After the detox process, clients participate in our addiction therapy programs. Our counselors support each client, keeping them motivated and supporting their resolve to quit. They also help each client look ahead to rehab and relapse prevention. If needed, our therapists also help with goal setting.

Steps to Recovery Alcohol Rehab Programs

At Steps to Recovery, our individualized alcohol addiction treatment paths include our Extended Care Program and our STRIDE Program.

Our Extended Care Program is ideal for clients who’ve struggled to attain long-term success in recovery, have co-occurring diagnoses impacting their substance use, or need long-term care. Our program in Bucks County, PA, includes:

  • Recovery houses with 24/7 support
  • Six days of therapy per week
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Case management
  • Family Support Program
  • Nutrition and exercise programming
  • Medication management for medical and psychiatric diagnoses

Our STRIDE Program supports clients as they integrate back into their communities, offering flexibility with daytime and nighttime services. At our addiction treatment center Levittown, PA, our program includes:

  • Addiction counseling and psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Career development
  • Nutrition support
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medication management including MAT
  • Holistic services

Alcohol Addiction Therapy at Steps to Recovery

At alcohol treatment programs, one of the most important components of treatment is the type of addiction counseling utilized. Some types of alcohol addiction therapy we use at Steps to Recovery includes:

Do You or a Loved One Struggle with Alcohol Addiction?

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse and looking for the best alcohol treatment programs, we can help. Contact Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA for more information about our alcohol rehab center. Call 866-488-8684 to talk to an expert about our alcohol addiction therapy program and your recovery.

Additionally, if you or a loved one is need of a detox program, our sister facility, Silver Pines Treatment Center, offers detox services.