Rehab centers use many treatment methods to help people overcome addiction. Each of them provides unique benefits. For example, people in residential and outpatient rehab can take advantage of addiction recovery group treatment. Learning more about the benefits could convince those struggling with addiction to seek treatment.


Treats Multiple People at the Same Time

An addiction recovery group in session

The ability to treat several people at a time is attractive for addiction counselors. However, it offers great benefits for the participants too.


While some participants hesitate to engage in group counseling, they adapt to group norms over time. In some cases, they adapt so well that they can influence how sessions progress.


Group treatment is also an effective way for participants to confront one person’s drug abuse and dangerous behavior. Their common problems and shared experiences make them a combined authority. Confrontations can help them all recognize and overcome their own situations.


Prevents Isolation


People with addiction tend to isolate themselves from others. However, group therapy helps them socialize to reduce the isolation that they seek. It also relieves the sense of isolation that some people don’t want. The deliberate and formal sharing that occurs in groups encourages them to open up and makes them feel secure.


Additionally, group treatment gives them the chance to learn social skills to deal with life stressors. The learning process occurs by watching others, practicing, and getting feedback in a supportive, safe atmosphere.


Demonstrates That Recovery Is Possible


Group participants feel hope when they see others overcome obstacles. They witness others reach recovery and see that it’s possible for them, too. They can even see the positive changes that recovery has made in others’ lives. This benefit inspires them to engage in and complete treatment.


Furthermore, the group setting provides the discipline and structure that participants need to focus on recovery. Rehab centers set clear rules, limits, and consequences to help them determine their responsibilities.


Provides Positive Support


Positive peer pressure and support are some of the biggest benefits of an addiction recovery group setting. As people in rehab attend group counseling regularly and on time, they expect the same from everyone. Attendees also expect that others will participate and take group counseling as seriously as any other treatment.


Those who don’t meet these expectations disappoint the group. Because of that, group participants are more likely to attend sessions and take the time seriously to avoid disappointing others. This pressure has a positive effect on addiction treatment.


As the participants get to know each other, group counseling starts to feel like a family gathering. Some people get the nurturance and support that their real families can’t give them. This experience helps them learn and practice healthy ways to interact with their relatives. It’s even possible for the bonds that they make in group treatment to last beyond rehab.


In addition, people who have been in rehab for a few weeks can help new residents. For instance, self-identifying as someone in addiction recovery can be complex for some people. Those with experience can support them through the process.


Take Advantage of Addiction Recovery Group Treatment at Steps to Recovery


Addiction isn’t a disease that people can overcome on their own. It takes proper treatment from experts and plenty of community support. Steps to Recovery can provide each of these aspects.


We provide addiction treatment in two phases. The first is partial hospitalization, which lasts for 35 days. The second is intensive outpatient care, which lasts for eight weeks. Throughout treatment, we use many services to help you overcome addiction, including:



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