Intensive Outpatient Rehab Cost should not worry her because of Affordable Care ActWhen you are ready for an intensive outpatient program (IOP) recovery after realizing you cannot overcome addiction alone, you may wonder about intensive outpatient rehab cost. Many people wonder what the bottom line cost will be for their treatment. This question can invoke enough fear in patients that they put off getting the help they need. Instead of leading your future by fear of the unknown, you can get solid answers to your questions of cost from an accredited, yet affordable IOP rehab program.

Common Variables to Intensive Outpatient Rehab Cost

There are a multitude of variables associated with the final cost of intensive outpatient rehab. The pricing can even vary widely from patient to patient. Everyone has unique needs for any type of medical care, including addiction treatment. As part of your IOP rehab you will receive an individualized treatment plan and personalized care. You will also participate in group therapies and other more standardized forms of recovery treatment.

Some of the factors which may influence your intensive outpatient rehab cost include:

  • Whether you require detox prior to IOP rehab
  • Required medications for your treatment, such as for dual diagnosis or other conditions
  • Personal medical issues you may have
  • Duration of your IOP treatment
  • Amenities offered by the treatment facility
  • Affordability of the program and what it includes
  • Whether you have health insurance
  • Level of individualized care needed as part of your treatment plan

Many people believe that they can reduce the cost of their IOP program by cutting corners on their treatment, such as in skipping needed therapies. This is not necessarily the case and can lead to greater chances of unsustainable recovery, with relapse always looming on the horizon. From your intensive outpatient program, you should work hard to gain every penny’s worth of treatment. Do this so you can have strong recovery that endures, costing you less and providing you with the greater benefit of lifelong sobriety.

Role of Health Insurance in Today’s Intensive Outpatient Rehab Cost

If you do not already have health insurance to help with intensive outpatient rehab cost, you should apply now for a new policy. Securing health insurance for addiction treatment is not only possible today, but will help you pay for your rehab. Even people who have not had insurance for a while and are not very healthy at present can get a health insurance policy.

Many changes have taken place in the American health insurance industry. Among these changes are those that the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated as essential health benefits. The ACA requires insurance companies to pay for treatment of addiction under its recognition of being a legitimate medical disease. Like other diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma, addiction is treatable through medical attention, intervention and care. As with other diseases where patients may suffer health relapse, patients recovering from addiction are not ejected from treatment due to relapse.

If you presently have health insurance or are seeking a new policy, medical need for addiction treatment must be established for your policy to cover any rehab services. Medical need is established when you gain an addiction assessment and undergo other health evaluations related to your substance abuse. If you have a definite medical need for rehab and an insurance policy, you may find yourself getting the rehab you need with little to no out-of-pocket expense.

Other options to help pay for IOP cost include healthcare procedure loans, bank loans, credit cards, second mortgages. When you speak with an accredited and affordable IOP rehab provider, they may be able to refer you to options for payment. Simply ask how you can help reduce your intensive outpatient rehab cost.

Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA Provides Affordable IOP Treatment

Steps to Recovery in Levittown PA, is accredited by the Joint Commission as one of the highest quality addiction treatment providers in the country. Intensive outpatient program patients at Steps to Recovery receive multi-phase treatment. Together, these phases deliver the highest potential for patients to achieve lifelong sobriety. Families are encouraged to engage in treatment with patients.

If you or someone you love are ready to gain the substance abuse treatment you need through affordable and accredited intensive outpatient rehab, call Steps to Recovery in Levittown now at 267.719.8528. Treatment you need is not out of your range. You can get the IOP rehab you need and we will verify what your insurance will cover.

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