Group of people sitting in a circle during a support group meeting in a modern office setting Those who struggle with alcohol addiction in Syracuse have a number of options available to them. Many individuals consider a Syracuse alcohol rehab that’s just minutes from home, and others opt to leave the area for comprehensive treatment. Unfortunately, limiting the search for high-quality alcohol rehab facilities just in the Syracuse area can cause you to come up short. Here are some of the reasons that Syracuse alcohol rehab facility treatments may not be right for you:

Syracuse Alcohol Rehab Keeps Patients in a Tempting Environment

People who live or work in Syracuse may not want to attend alcohol rehab in the city. While there may be suitable Syracuse alcohol rehab facilities nearby, it can often be too tempting for patients to attempt a successful recovery in an area where they have close connections with residents, bars or liquor stores. There’s no question that a new location can also equate to a fresh start. When patients want to wipe the slate clean, it makes sense to attend rehab in a destination where there’s no familiarity with the local nightlife. Patients won’t have strong associations with certain streets or memories attached to certain restaurants that serve alcohol, both of which can derail even the most committed patients from lasting sobriety.

Local Alcohol Rehab Might Not Offer the Necessary Privacy

Addiction is an illness, not a choice. Unfortunately, however, there’s still a lot of shame and guilt surrounding alcohol addiction. For that reason, as well as concerns about career paths and reputation, many patients opt to leave Syracuse for rehab. Just a four-hour drive from Syracuse is Levittown, Pennsylvania, which is home to Steps to Recovery. Our rehab facility offers the treatment that patients need to tackle addiction, and we offer an intimate, supportive environment where people can get the help they need. Although it’s still in a location convenient to Syracuse, Steps to Recovery offer the privacy and anonymity that many patients desire in order to focus completely on recovery.

Looking Only at Syracuse Alcohol Rehab Options Limits Your Scope

Prospective patients who only consider Syracuse alcohol rehab may be missing out on the best options for their rehabilitation. Some of the most important things to look for in a treatment center include authenticity, connections between peers and staff, integrity and a comprehensive treatment program. It’s also crucial for alcohol rehab facilities to understand the value of family in the recovery of someone dealing with addiction. Parts of the best programs will focus on co-dependency issues, educating family members and helping to repair and restore relationships for continued health, happiness and sobriety.

Not All Rehab Facilities Accept All Health Insurance Policies

In addition to finding an alcohol rehab facility that meets all the treatment needs of a patient, it’s necessary to give some thought to insurance acceptance. By limiting a facility search to just the Syracuse area, some patients may find themselves stuck with programs where their choice of insurance can’t be used. At Steps to Recovery, a wide range of insurance plans are accepted, including those from providers like Value Options, Aetna, Amerihealth, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Keep in mind that in some cases, patients can even have their costs of treatment reimbursed after the fact if they’re out of network. Syracuse alcohol rehab is just one option for Syracuse residents who need to find the path toward recovery. If you think you might thrive with a clean slate and quality programs, then consider heading to Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Call267.719.8528 today to learn about the various alcohol treatment programs that can transform your life through lasting sobriety.
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