Atlantic City, sadly, is home to the highest fatal heroin overdose rates in the state of New Jersey. Many of the people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the area want to take advantage of Atlantic City addiction treatment options for the sake of convenience, but that isn’t always the best thing to do. It’s time to understand the benefits of leaving your local area for addiction treatment, as well as why it’s important to not settle for an inadequate treatment facility.

Are Atlantic City Addiction Treatment Options Right For You?

Is An Atlantic City Addiction Treatment Option Right For You?

Finding a rehab facility isn’t always a simple or straightforward process. For many patients, receiving unsatisfactory Atlantic City addiction treatment means a higher risk of relapse. This is something that all patients should aim to avoid, which is why settling for a local facility may not be for the best.

Addiction treatment can sometimes feel like an impersonal process where patients arrive, work through a few weeks of therapy and counseling and then head back into the world ill-equipped to live with lasting sobriety. Thankfully, there are many centers, such as Steps to Recovery, that opt for a new and more effective model for addiction treatment.

One of the big differences between a subpar addiction treatment center and a truly excellent one is the ratio of staff to patients. The optimum ratio is 3:1, patients to staff, which guarantees an intimate environment to recovery.

In addition, don’t settle for a facility that doesn’t offer the right kind of program for patients. Individuals struggling with addiction are all different, and they need unique treatment plans. Some patients may do best with inpatient therapy, but others may thrive in outpatient programs or intensive outpatient programs.

The Benefits of Leaving Home For Addiction Treatment

One of the reasons that many prospective patients want to participate in local Atlantic City addiction treatment is because of the convenience. It’s certainly true that it can be convenient to stay close to home. However, there are many drawbacks that you need to consider. For many people struggling with addiction, there are benefits to leaving home for addiction treatment, such as:

  • Patients are removed from their dangerous, tempting environments at home
  • Patients get a clean slate and a fresh start for their lives
  • Patients may feel less pressure from friends and family when away from home
  • Anonymity while getting the help that is necessary

While leaving Atlantic City for treatment could be ideal for some New Jersey residents, it is also true that staying in the Northeast can be smart for convenience and cost. Levittown, Pennsylvania, and the Steps to Recovery facility, is just 90 minutes by car from Atlantic City, making it the perfect location to let patients take advantage of their support systems at home, as well as the benefits of leaving their tempting environments.

What to Look for in Atlantic City Addiction Treatment

When patients want the best chance at lasting sobriety, it’s integral to be a little picky when searching for the ideal location for addiction treatment. Welcoming, collaborative environments are crucial, as are favorable staff-to-patient ratios. Other important factors to consider include availability in the program that meets the needs of individual patients, a strategy for developing life skills beyond rehab, dual-diagnosis treatment and family therapy programs.

If you have exhausted all of your Atlantic City addiction treatment options, or you have made up your mind to venture away from home for a fresh start, then consider Steps to Recovery. Located in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Steps to Recovery has a unique approach to rehabilitation that emphasizes coping mechanisms and life skills that can prevent relapse and bring lasting results.

Don’t allow addiction to control your life in Atlantic City. For your best chance at a happy, healthy future, call 267.719.8528 today.

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