If you are concerned that a loved one is misusing alcohol or drugs, there are certain signs that you can look out for, but it is important that you raise the issue with your family member or friend as soon as possible, as getting prompt treatment gives them the best chance of making a good recovery from substance abuse. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if they do not want to acknowledge that they have a problem with drink or drugs. When this is the case, Steps to Recovery can arrange an intervention to help your loved one recognize they have a dependency and the destruction this is causing. Once they are willing to accept that they are in the grip of addiction, they can easily access help with drug and alcohol recovery near Oaklyn PA.

Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Although the precise physical signs of substance misuse depend on whether someone abuses alcohol, marijuana, stimulants, opiates or another drug, some of the common indicators that a loved one is abusing drink or drugs include:

  • Their appearance changes: they may lose weight, take less care of their physical appearance or you may notice changes in their skin and eyes
  • They develop tremors, poor co-ordination or slurred speech
  • Their sleeping habits change
  • They seem more irritable, anxious or low in mood
  • Their performance at school or work drops and they are more likely to stay home
  • They change their social circle and their interests
  • They spend more money without anything to show for it

While it is important to understand there are a range of explanations for some of the above, if you consistently notice several of these signs together it makes substance abuse more likely. Talking with your loved one about your concerns is the first step, but if they ignore repeated concerns it is time to consider an intervention, as they need to recognize their problem before they can seek specialist help.

Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program Near Oaklyn

When your relative or friend selects Steps to Recovery to provide their care during the rehab process, we offer a range of treatment programs close to Oaklyn that can meet their exact requirements. For instance, if your loved one needs to detox or there are concerns that they could not manage at home, we provide residential programs that are ideal in these situations. Equally, if they have a stable environment at home and your support, rehabilitation as an outpatient is a suitable option and this carries the advantage that if they want to continue with college or work alongside treatment this is possible. An alternative option to outpatient rehab is partial hospitalization, where therapy is just as intensive, but they are able to return home each night. As Steps to Recovery has drug and alcohol treatment facilities within driving distance of Oaklyn it is possible to take part in this type of program too.

Substance Abuse Recovery with a Difference

Even though many treatment centers roll out standard treatment programs, Steps to Recovery is different, and our alternative approach to rehab puts our clients in a better position to achieve long-term abstinence. Some of the key differences in our recovery programs are:

  • The program of therapy is designed to meet each client’s needs, so varies from one person to another
  • Complementary therapies are offered alongside private and group counseling sessions
  • There is an emphasis on developing practical skills to prepare clients for life after rehab
  • Staff have a genuine commitment to helping each client free themselves from drink and drugs, so offer an immense level of support
  • Clients are encouraged to strengthen their connections with family to ensure they have a support network for after therapy

Tailor-Made Recovery Programs

When your loved one enters alcohol and drug rehabilitation, we understand that they come to us with a unique background and the factors that triggered their drinking or drug taking differ from the next client. To give your family member or friend every chance of getting sober we therefore tailor their care to their needs, so put together a personalized program of therapy and other activities. This allows them to address the underlying issues that have led to their substance abuse and allows them to work on strategies to overcome these.

Every client will take part in private counseling sessions, but the exact talking therapies the counselor uses with them will depend on their personal treatment plan. Meanwhile, group therapy is integral to our programs and gives clients the chance to work with their peers to discuss common issues and problem solve to find solutions that will help with abstinence once they leave rehab near Oaklyn. However, the additional therapies on offer, such as yoga and acupuncture, are also selected according to a client’s circumstances and preferences. For instance, these complementary therapies are useful for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression, so would be helpful if your loved one is troubled by these.

Skills Development Promotes Recovery

Although addiction therapies aim to prepare clients for the difficulties they may face in their everyday lives, this isn’t the only requirement if someone is to stay sober or clean from drugs in the longer term. It is also essential to address gaps in their skills, which Steps to Recovery aims to do. By giving your loved one help to develop skills that range from cooking to securing a job, they are in a better situation to manage on their own and integrate into society than they would be without the inclusion of skills development activities.

Support Is Invaluable

Although using effective therapies during addiction treatment is vital, to have the best chance of giving up alcohol and drugs for good, there needs to be the necessary support in place. The team at Steps to Recovery is committed to providing this support while your relative or friend is with us, so they will always feel listened to and understood, and that their needs are met. However, support after rehabilitation for substance abuse is just as important. This is why we encourage all clients to work on family connections during addiction treatment and we help them to do this by providing family focused therapy sessions, as well as family time for our residential clients. Rehab is also a time to connect with fellow clients, as their support is helpful both during and after treatment, as a positive social circle helps to promote abstinence once home.

If you would like to find out how Steps to Recovery can help a loved one, our team will gladly discuss the treatment options for drug and alcohol recovery near Oaklyn.

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