When you recognize that your habit is taking over and interfering with your life, it is time to consider taking part in a program of addiction rehabilitation. These treatment programs are the most effective way to recover from drug and alcohol abuse, but starting rehab is often a daunting prospect. Receiving treatment for substance dependency close to home can make it an easier experience for you, but you may still have some uncertainties about the process. This is why Steps to Recovery’s welcoming team is always happy to explain the rehab programs near Flourtown that we run and help you to find one that best suits your requirements. However, to help you with some of your initial queries, here we answer some common questions about our local addiction treatment services.

Will I Need an Inpatient Stay to Achieve Recovery?

Steps to Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug dependency within reach of Flourtown. Although inpatient rehab has a higher success rate, both types of program can help people to effectively quit their habit, but which is most suited to your needs depends on your individual circumstances. For instance, if your home life lacks structure and support, and you are likely to give into temptations in your surroundings, a residential stay is more likely to help you achieve sobriety. However, if you have stability and support at home, this opens up the possibility of receiving outpatient care. You can receive just as much therapy as an inpatient would if you opt for partial hospitalization, where you return home each night. A more flexible approach to outpatient treatment is to travel several times each week to one of our addiction recovery centers for therapy sessions, which lets you maintain your other commitments during the course of rehabilitation. As our drug and alcohol treatment facilities are within commuting distance of Flourtown, this makes partial hospitalization and standard outpatient care viable options.

How Long Does Rehab Take?

Although you will often hear mention that 30 days as an inpatient is all that it takes to achieve recovery from substance abuse, the length of programs offered by Steps to Recovery are tailored to your needs. This means that while a 30 day residential stay may suit some clients, others may need 60 or 90 days of treatment, and with access to sober living facilities you may continue to receive care from our team for even longer.

What Does Addiction Treatment Involve?

Whether you take part in a residential program or receive treatment as an outpatient near Flourtown, counseling sessions are an integral part of your therapy. You will take part in private sessions, as well as more interactive group therapy, which give you the chance to work through your individual problems, as well as those common to many of our clients. Besides talking therapies, we also include other treatments that show promise in helping addicts to recover. For instance, research indicates the value of complementary therapies for enhancing well-being and managing cravings during rehab. However, in addition to therapies tailored to treat substance dependency, we will also offer you activities that aim to develop your skills. We believe that skills development makes sure that you leave treatment ready to return to the workplace and become actively involved in your community. Among the skills that we can help you build on are those relating to communication, team working, goal setting and time management, as well as those that will help you secure work.

What Support Will Staff Offer During Rehabilitation?

Although you may have concerns that you will be judged when you enter rehab, this is not the case when you choose Steps to Recovery as your addiction treatment provider close to Flourtown. All of our staff genuinely want you to succeed and are ready to offer you a listening ear, empathy and encouragement whenever you need it. As our team always puts your needs first, whenever you need to talk our therapists and support staff will make themselves available. You may also be interested to know that some members of our organization have been through treatment for substance abuse themselves, so can appreciate exactly what it is like for you to enter rehab.

Will I Have Leisure Time During Inpatient Treatment?

Time is set aside in our residential program each week for recreational activities, as we recognize this is both welcomed by clients and a necessary aspect of rehab. Whether you watch movies with your peers or take part in a sporting activity together, it is a great opportunity to relax and get to know each other better. You will also be able to visit the gym three times each week to work on your personal fitness and develop healthy habits that you can continue after treatment. However, leisure time additionally shows you all the enjoyable activities you can take part in during your spare time once home, which will help to keep you away from your old destructive habits.

Can My Family Visit During Treatment?

If you are on a residential program, we factor in time for your loved ones to visit you each week, as we understand the importance of using rehab to strengthen the bonds you have with your family. We offer a relaxed environment in which you can talk with your loved ones and better understand each other. However, family therapy is also available to facilitate this process. The close proximity of our treatment facilities to Flourtown makes it particularly easy for your family to visit and participate in therapy.

What Happens After Rehab?

After your initial course of treatment for substance dependency our team will work with you to decide what the next step should be to give you the best chance of staying sober for good. For example, if you are leaving an inpatient program, but do not feel ready to return home, a stay in a sober living facility can help to support your recovery. Alternatively, other aftercare programs are available, such as recovery coaching, which puts you in touch with a recovered addict who can offer you continued support and encouragement when you return to Flourtown.


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