a woman after learning about her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurancePeople hesitate to seek the treatment that they need to beat drug addiction for many reasons. Cost is one of the most common. Thanks to current government guidelines, affording addiction treatment is easier than ever. Insurance policies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance provide more support than people realize.

Do Insurance Companies Provide Addiction Rehab Coverage?

Healthcare plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, provide coverage for addiction rehab. Since 2010, government regulations have redefined the essentials of healthcare. These rules require insurance companies to cover addiction rehab services.

Why do these new regulations require insurance companies to cover substance abuse treatment? The main reason is that the government has made it clear that addiction is a disease. Some insurance companies used to label it as nothing more than poor life choices. Since addiction falls under the category of a disease, they have to provide coverage.

Keep in mind, however, that the coverage that people get varies depending on their insurance policies. For example, some insurance companies provide coverage for inpatient treatment. Others, on the other hand, only cover outpatient programs. It’s important for people to talk to their insurance providers to find out what their policies will pay for.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

One type of policy that offers addiction coverage is Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. This insurance company is a federation of 36 health coverage companies and organizations, as of March 2017. Together, they offer insurance plans in every state.

The Importance of Receiving Professional Rehab Treatment

Even when some people know that their insurance companies have to offer some level of addiction care, they hesitate. They still believe that they don’t need professional care to deal with their addiction. However, receiving quality care at a rehab center gives them a higher chance of success compared to those who don’t.

Insurance companies make it possible for people to gain access to evidence-based rehab programs. These programs provide the help that they need to deal with the cause of their addiction. Addressing the source is the key to triggering the healing process.

Evidence-based treatment also focuses on setting and achieving daily goals and developing life skills. These goals and life skills help people maintain sobriety beyond the structured environment of rehab.

Also, many rehab centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. It focuses on treating underlying mental disorders alongside the addiction. Mental illnesses often allow for an addiction to develop. However, addiction can also cause a mental disorder to develop.

Failure to treat underlying mental conditions can lead to relapse after treatment. Since addiction is a disease, it and another mental illness feed off of each other. To overcome these problems, people have to address both at the same time.

Steps to Recovery Can Help You Overcome Addiction

At Steps to Recovery, our goal is to help people overcome addiction. We accept insurance from many different companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can visit our insurance verification page to make sure that we accept your policy. Our top priority is to respond to you quickly so that you can start rehab treatment.

Steps to Recovery is proud to offer several rehab programs to ensure that we address all of your needs. We also provide treatment for both men and women. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Let your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance start working for you. Get the help that you need at Steps to Recovery. Contact us at 866-488-8684 for more information about how we personalize your treatment plan.