You use drugs and want to quit. A rehab facility counselor refers you to a detoxification center. What is detox? Is it a necessary step? Learning more will help ease your apprehensions.

What is Detox?

a man wonders what is detoxDetox is the first step on the road to recovery. It breaks the physiological dependence addiction causes. This process typically produces withdrawal symptoms. Many of these are benign and merely uncomfortable.

However, depending on your substance of choice, drug use can be life threatening. For this reason, rehab facility intake counselors recommend going through detox under medical supervision. It takes place at a specialized facility, where medical experts monitor your vitals and administer medications if necessary. Above all, they help ease pain throughout this difficult process.

It’s interesting to note that withdrawal symptoms are good signs. They signal your body’s gradual return to equilibrium. Of course, it doesn’t feel great dealing with gastrointestinal upset, muscle aches, trembling, sweats, and fatigue. Typically, after seven to ten days, you’re ready to head to rehab.

Understanding the Connection between Detox and Rehab

With physical addiction no longer controlling you, you now work to break the psychological dependence. This process is a little harder. It requires professional assistance to help you understand what initially caused you to use. Moreover, it helps to have experts guide you through the process of identifying triggers and disarming them.

Therapists who specialize in working with people just like you employ various modalities including:

  • Individual talk therapy allowing you to examine negative patterns in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Group therapy allows you to leave self-imposed isolation behind and reconnect with recovering peers
  • Family therapy is an invaluable tool for repairing relationships and helping close relatives understand your challenges
  • 12-Step program support ensures you have the necessary tools for lifelong sobriety
  • Relapse prevention strategies provide goal-setting opportunities and trigger prevention options

Can I Detox at Home?

For therapists to work with you on ending your psychological dependence, you need to overcome the physiological craving. Detox makes this possible. Although plenty of folks think they can detox at home, it’s safer to do so at a facility. Ideally, a rehab center offering comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are your best bet.

It’s important to understand that staying at home when trying to detox can backfire. You’re never far from triggers, pushers, and others users. As you would for any other chronic illness, getting professional help is the best course of action.

If you’re unsure about what is detox and how to begin rehab, Steps to Recovery in Levittown, Pennsylvania helps refer you to an excellent detox center. If you’ve already gone through detox, these folks help you recover from a substance abuse problem as well. Call 267.719.8528 to schedule a consultation.