Obviously, the number one thing to do in order to have a sober bachelor party is to not drink, but can it be that easy?  Yes, it can be very easy to celebrate someone’s bachelor party and still have fun without drugs and alcohol.

Early in recovery it can be hard to think about those milestone events, like your own wedding day and not drinking that cliché glass of champagne during your best man’s toast.  Or not getting drunk at your own bachelor party, but these classic scenarios are not all about getting wasted.  Wedding planning and the events leading up to that big day have almost nothing to do with drinking or drugs, but for some reason it can seem so hard to imagine those life events without drinking or drugs in early recovery.


Get Creative and Think Outside the Box

 Whether you are getting married or planning your best friend’s bachelor party, drugs and alcohol do not have to be a part of the party.  Some of the best ways to plan a bachelor party are to make it be about something that the groom really enjoys.  Thinking outside the box, like taking a weekend trip or visiting somewhere for the day are usually great ways to start the planning.


Plan a Trip

If you are the best friend to the groom and have to plan a sober bachelor party, then try thinking about the groom and all the stuff that matters most to them.  If they really enjoyed skiing at a mountain house while growing up or playing cards on the porch at the lake, then you already know that recreating a similar scenario will be a perfect way to celebrate a bachelor party without drugs and alcohol.


Do Something Local

Maybe going away for the weekend is hard for the group that will be coming.  Why not just make it a day trip to somewhere special?  Renting a big van, bus or even limo and riding it to a high-end restaurant is a great way to celebrate a sober bachelor party too.  All that may be needed is a night out on the town with close friends and relatives, enjoying good food in an elegant ambiance.  That could make almost anyone forget that alcohol is not a part of the evening.

Not into going to a fancy dinner with friends?  Then how about some games at a local adult arcade?  There are tons of different places that offer entertaining games for adults without drugs and alcohol having to be part of the entertainment.  You can really have a fun time with old arcade games or even the newer 3D ones that offer a little more thrill while celebrating a buddy’s bachelor party.


The People Make The Party, Not The Drinks

 These are just a few suggestions for how to get a memorable bachelor party started without any need to get high or drunk, but the main thing that is really going to make the party memorable is the moment you are with all of your friends and family celebrating.  It doesn’t really matter what the scenario is as long as everyone there is present for the moment and not wasted on drugs or alcohol.

Try taking some of these ideas listed above and make them your own.  Try looking up some local game spots in your area if you’re not interested in an arcade.  The options for sober and fun bachelor parties are almost endless, because all you need is the people for the party and the sober environment.