When people picture alcoholics, a stereotypical, problematic image comes to mind. It may be surprising to learn that alcoholism takes many forms. What are the signs of an alcohol abuse problem? Are there different types of alcoholics? We will address these important questions in more detail below.


Signs of an Alcohol Abuse Problem

Four types of alcoholics | Steps to Recovery

Although alcoholism affects everyone differently, there are several signs that alert you to the presence of a problem. Consider the three signs of an alcohol problem below.


Drinking in Private


Secretive behaviors are common among those struggling with alcoholism. In an effort to hide their drinking, these individuals may drink in private or attempt to hide liquor in their home or vehicle.


Chronic Mood Swings


Mood swings develop for many different reasons. However, those struggling with alcohol abuse will often exhibit erratic behavior and chronic mood swings. They may even display aggressive behavior as well.


Creating Excuses for Excessive Drinking


Those suffering from alcoholism often excuse their drinking behaviors. For example, they blame stress at work, relationship issues, or health problems as the reason for consuming excessive amounts of alcohol.


What are the Four Types of Alcoholics?


Many people don’t realize that there are four different types of alcoholics. Consider the information below concerning alcoholism’s various forms.


The Young Adult Alcoholic


Alcoholism in the teen and young adult demographic is quite prevalent. The average age of this particular group is 25, with the problematic behavior beginning around age 20. Alcoholics in this category often engage in binge drinking and can suffer many health issues as a result.


The Functional Alcoholic


Functional alcoholics tend to be in their 40s and consume alcohol every other day. They maintain a reasonable degree of normal functioning throughout their day, continuing to tend to their family and work responsibilities. However, eventually, their ability to perform these duties begins to suffer.


Intermediate Familial Alcoholic


Around 18% of those with an alcohol addiction are intermediate familial alcoholics. Almost half of these individuals also have a close family member or relative who is also an alcoholic. The average age of this subtype is approximately 38, with the onset of consumption often beginning in the teen years.


Chronic or Severe Alcoholic


Only about 9% of alcoholics fit into the category of chronic or severe alcoholism. Although this type of alcoholic affects fewer people, it’s the most dangerous type of all. Typically, the consumption of alcohol begins around the age of 16. Overall, most severe alcoholics are men who are 38 or older. Additionally, the individuals in this category are also the most likely to have a mental illness as well.


Why is Seeking Professional Treatment Important?


Alcoholism is very complex. As a result, alcohol abuse treatment must be comprehensive. The majority of people facing alcoholism require professional help in order to remain sober. Therefore, reaching out for help is a sign of inner strength.


Addition Treatment with Steps to Recovery


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