A group session at substance abuse treatment centersIf you are physically and psychologically dependent on drugs or alcohol, sooner or later, your life will spiral out of control. Your relationships and your work or school situation will suffer. Over time, long-term drug or alcohol use affects the body. Therefore, the creation of addiction treatment and substance abuse treatment centers are in direct response to the addiction crisis. Do you know the difference between the two, and how to get the help you need? Read on for more information.

Drug Abuse vs Addiction

Often, many people use these terms interchangeably, however, they don’t mean the same thing. Drug abuse refers to intentionally overusing a substance. On the other hand, addiction is the physical and psychological dependence on a substance that leads to destructive and damaging behaviors. Overall, addiction has complex roots in a person’s heredity, family background, physical, and mental health.

All Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Aren’t the Same

People use and abuse alcohol and drugs for a number of reasons. Some can stop without difficulty, while those with addiction cannot. If a person frequently abuses substances and becomes physically dependent, this doesn’t always mean they have an addiction.They may only require detox and perhaps some time with a therapist discussing what lead to their excessive use.

However, it’s a different story for someone with a drug or alcohol addiction. In this case, their life revolves around using and obtaining more of their drug of choice at any cost. Slowly but surely, addiction strips you of everything and everyone you once held dear, leaving you with nothing but endless cravings, wrecked relationships, and a broken body.

Whether you go to a men’s facility or a women’s drug rehab program, finding a facility that takes the time to understand your unique needs is crucial. Overall, addiction treatment staff must consider your complex history and addiction severity when deciding on a program that’s right for you. Only then can you begin gathering the necessary tools for lasting recovery.

How Steps to Recovery Can Help

Imagine an intimate setting where your healing and recovery is the staff’s number one priority. Picture a caring environment with people who understand addiction recovery and take the time to genuinely learn about your struggles, challenges, and triumphs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of a treatment plan specifically for you, complete with custom addiction therapies and family support? This is what awaits you at Steps To Recovery, a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient facility located in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

At our facility, you aren’t merely a number. Our comprehensive, individualized programs include:

• Complete medical and physical evaluation by our pre-admissions staff
• Comprehensive treatment plan using evidence-based addiction therapies
Dual diagnoses for co-occurring conditions that may affect your progress
Group, individual, and family counseling
• Life skills education
Intensive outpatient program
Sober living residences as you reintegrate into the community

While substance abuse treatment centers come in many shapes and sizes, there is only one Steps To Recovery. Call us today and find out just how personalized and effective your addiction treatment experience can be. Our caring counselors are standing by to talk to you today. Dial 267.719.8528 now.