A man wonders about the relapse meaningIf quitting drugs or alcohol use was easy, our headlines wouldn’t be brimming with tragic stories of those who lost the struggle with addiction. Overall, backsliding goes hand in hand with recovery. The relapse meaning involves using again once reaching sobriety. Therefore, let’s explore the specific factors that often lead to relapse.


Certain situations lead a recovering person straight into relapse. For example, strong emotions including fear, anxiety, and anger are overwhelming for someone who uses illicit substances to self-medicate.

Additionally, certain people and places remind drug users of former behaviors that are hard to resist. Stress causes drug use for the same reasons strong emotions do. Even family celebrations, as joyous as they may be, can be triggers for those in recovery.

The Relapse Meaning and Overdose

Furthermore, It’s important to recognize the dangerous relationship between these two factors. If a person abstains from their substance of choice for a significant period of time, their tolerance is gone.

Unfortunately, many people who relapse take their drug of choice in the quantities they were used to. Consequently, their bodies can no longer handle the high level of toxicity. Therefore, relapsing leads to serious physical consequences or even death. Above all, it’s vital for someone in recovery to have a strong support system to minimize relapse risk.

Getting the Necessary Help

Conquering addiction is extremely difficult without the help of knowledgeable professionals. Steps To Recovery in Levittown, PA works hard to get to know you well. We take time to understand the complex factors and triggers that feed your dependency, take additional mental health diagnoses into consideration, and take steps to protect you from relapse. For example, our programs for men and women include:

Partial hospitalization provides addiction treatment, counseling, and life skills education
• Access to outside 12-step meetings, socialization, and physical fitness opportunities
Intensive outpatient program builds on these skills and prepares you to integrate into society
• Ongoing outpatient support
Sober living housing

Let Steps To Recovery give you the personalized attention, proven treatments, and support you need. Our mission is to promote your lasting sobriety in a respectable, comfortable environment. Transform your life today. Call our caring and knowledgeable counselors now at 267.719.8528.