A man feels better after going through rehab centers in PADrug addiction plagues Americans in all states, but residents in Pennsylvania have been hit particularly hard by the epidemic. If you have a family member who’s struggling with substance abuse, you’re not alone. In order for your loved one to completely recover from a serious addiction, you’ll need to find treatment program at rehab centers in PA that work.

What Do Rehab Centers in PA Have to Offer?

Drug rehab centers in PA generally offer either partial hospitalization programs (PHP) or intensive outpatient programs (IOP). PHPs are a form of residential treatment, whereas IOP offer a more flexible rehabilitation schedule.

Above all, both programs help patients recover from addiction through detox, intensive therapy, group counseling, and other amenities that treat complex individuals on a personalized level.

The Benefits of Rehab Centers

Within the framework of these programs are numerous benefits, including:

  • Individualized therapy
  • Life skills therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Aftercare planning
  • Sober living facilities

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

A co-occurring disorder is a mental health or mood disorder that occurs in conjunction with addiction. It’s extremely common for those struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse to also discover mental illness symptoms as well.

Often, these co-occurring disorders cause addictive behavior. In order to self-medicate, an individual struggling with mental illness may use drugs or alcohol to cope.

Treatment for co-occurring disorders is essential. If you think that your loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder and an addiction, it’s crucial to seek dual diagnosis treatment as soon as possible.

We Have Programs That Can Help You

As one of the leading rehab centers in PA, Steps to Recovery is always prepared to help. Above all, the needs of our clients are our top priority. For everyone who walks through our doors, we want to ensure a personalized, comprehensive drug addiction treatment experience.

Therefore, we offer extended pre-admissions. That way, we can decide the best treatment you’ll benefit from the most. The diverse services we offer include:

If you’re worried about a family member who has been showing signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol abuse problem, it’s time to get help.

Steps to Recovery can help him or her get back on their feet through one of our comprehensive treatment programs.

It’s never too late to get someone you love the necessary help. Call today at 267.719.8528 to help start living a happy, healthy life again.