evidence of prescription pill abusePrescription pill abuse is a growing trend in America for several distinct reasons. Since more people than ever before are affected by chronic health issues that require treatment with prescription drugs, more people can become dependent on them. But do you know some of the leading causes of this problem? Do you know how to find help?

Defining the Growing Problem of Prescription Pill Abuse

Pill addiction is a serious issue that can affect people from all walks of life. In fact, most people facing this issue are merely individuals experiencing a serious health issue that has resulted in a need for medication. Even taking medication exactly as prescribed can sometimes lead to a state of physical dependence, which can create the perfect setting for an addiction.

Common Causes of Prescription Pill Abuse

What causes so many people to become addicted to prescription medications today? It turns out that there are a variety of causes, some of the most common being the following:

  • Genetic factors– Those who have first-degree relatives who also suffer from addiction may be at an increased risk of dealing with the problem themselves.
  • Environmental factors– Dealing with severe trauma or another life-changing event can sometimes create circumstances that facilitate the development of an addiction. Those who experience abuse at the hands of others may also face an increased risk of addiction to pills.
  • Co-Existing conditions– Many people struggling with addiction have co-existing medical conditions that require treatment with prescription drugs. These could be conditions that result in chronic pain, for example. Since many of the medications used to treat these conditions can be addictive, they can set the person up for a future problem.
  • Psychological factors– Dealing with any mental illness is extremely difficult. Some people facing these struggles may try to alleviate their emotional pain by using addictive substances. Although they don’t mean to, they can subsequently develop a related addiction.

Seeking Help

Facing prescription pill abuse and addiction issues may be one of the hardest things you have to go through. These problems can destroy personal relationships, cause loss of jobs and possessions, and lead to long-lasting health problems.

However, take comfort in the fact that many drug and alcohol rehab options exist. It comes down to finding the best rehab facility for your needs. To do this, you may need to sit down with your family members and talk about your problems and future goals. In doing so, you’ll be able to find a rehab facility that lines up with your treatment needs.

Steps to Recovery is a drug rehab center serving the needs of the Levittown, PA area. Their skilled team of professionals can select the proper treatment protocol for each using a careful and holistic approach to care.

Don’t let prescription pill abuse prevent you from reaching your future goals. You can overcome addiction-related issues by getting the professional help you need now. Contact Steps to Recovery at 267.719.8528 to find out more about our addiction recovery services.