Throughout the country, there are millions of people who suffer from alcohol abuse. On National Alcohol Screening Day, individuals, family members, and friends can work to raise awareness about alcohol abuse treatment. From talking to loved ones to posting online, there are many ways that people can get involved.

What Is National Alcohol Screening Day?

This year, National Alcohol Screening Day will be on April 7, 2019. The goal of the event is to spread awareness and provide alcohol drug education to the community. In addition, this event offers screening options online and at thousands of events across the country. To do an anonymous screening for alcohol addiction, individuals can go to during the month of April. Many organizations host events across the country on National Alcohol Screening Day, so these events are also an excellent place to go for addiction screening. The primary screening process involves just a few simple questions. As soon as someone answers the questions, they receive immediate feedback. If their answers indicate a possible substance abuse disorder, the screening will also recommend places to go for extra help. When it comes to treating substance abuse problems, online screenings are a simple, effective tool. On National Alcohol Screening Day, people across the country can bring attention to this mental illness. Getting screened early could end up saving someone’s life.

The Problem of Social Drinking

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have an addiction to alcohol. In modern society, it is normal to serve drinks at holiday parties, weekend events, Sunday brunches and just about every type of social occasion. Because of this, it can be challenging for people to realize when they have crossed the line between social drinking and an addiction. There are a number of addiction signs that people can watch out for. If someone experience side effects when they stop drinking, they may have an addiction. Hiding alcohol consumption, being absent from work and financial problems are all signs of a substance abuse disorder. With the right alcohol abuse treatment, individuals can take the first step in recovering from their addiction. Let National Alcohol Screening Day give you that push to find help.

Getting Help for Substance Abuse Disorders

While handling an addiction can feel overwhelming, help is available. People can go to a rehab center to get help for substance abuse disorders. During the initial intake, the client can receive an evaluation for mental illnesses, medical problems, and substance abuse disorders. Then, the rehab center uses this information to design a customized treatment plan. Within the treatment center, patients can find options such as:

From planning long-term sobriety goals to offering addiction education, the right treatment center can help clients prepare for a healthy, long-lasting recovery. Within the compassionate environment at Steps to Recovery, you can begin your journey toward a better life. To discover more information about National Alcohol Screening Day, call us today at 267.719.8528.