girl showing the connection between marijuana and teensMarijuana or weed is a hot topic right now with many states debating if they should legalize it. Regardless of how people feel about the drug, most of them agree that marijuana and teens don’t mix. Despite this, teen weed use is at the highest level that it has been in over 30 years. This fact has a lot of people wondering about the dangers of teen pot abuse.

Legalization of Marijuana

One reason why more teens abuse weed is because some states have legalized the drug. Despite that, no states allow the recreational use of weed for anyone under the age of 21. Like alcohol, pot isn’t a drug that’s safe for teens to use.

Of course, law enforcement has found it harder and harder to keep teens from getting their hands on weed. With some states legalizing it, people can buy it in stores. This means that the drug is much more readily available. Some adults even buy it for them, while some teens steal it from their parents.

Marijuana and Teens: The Dangers

Like any other drug, smoking or eating marijuana can cause physical and mental problems. In fact, there are several myths regarding weed, including:

  • It’s safe because it’s natural.
  • Weed isn’t addictive.
  • Marijuana doesn’t affect thinking.
  • There are no long-term side effects of smoking weed.
  • It’s not a gateway drug.

Studies have proven all of these beliefs wrong and that a lot of natural drugs are dangerous. On top of this, weed can cause addiction. However, the biggest problem that weed poses for teens is impaired judgment.

Marijuana and teens can lead to worse grades than usual in school. It also makes them take more risks because they don’t think clearly. For example, people who smoke weed get into more car accidents and engage in risky sexual activities.

Studies also show that weed is a gateway drug. Teens who are curious about drugs typically start with weed. Once they grow comfortable with it, they move on to more hardcore options. Weed alone is bad enough, but when teens start mixing in other drugs, they put their lives at risk.

Cannabis Use Disorder

For many years, people believed that marijuana weed addiction wasn’t real. Now, studies show that it’s addictive and more so for teens than adults. Smoking it for a long time can lead to cannabis use disorder (CUD).

CUD causes numerous problems, including decreased motivation. It can also lead to the development of other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. To make matters worse, it doesn’t take long for CUD to turn into marijuana addiction.

Let Us Help You Get Over Marijuana Abuse

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