Congratulations on your decision to quit abusing alcohol! You’ve chosen to stop the cycle of getting drunk then hungover day after day. You’re tired of having blackouts and memory lapses. Further, you’re sick of pushing away loved ones worried about your drinking. Instead, you’re planning to cut alcohol out of your life completely. However, this step is more difficult than it may sound. That’s because months or years of heavy alcohol use has changed you. Your body will react strongly when you quit drinking and you’ll endure illness from withdrawal as your body detoxifies. You must learn how to safely detox from alcohol and minimize the health risks.

Tips on How to Safely Detox From Alcohol

Drug alcohol detox is a serious process that must be prepared for. As such, you’ll need to clear your schedule for at least one week. Next, you must recruit an intervention team of people you trust. Not only will you need them for support, but you’ll also want them to destroy your alcohol stash. Indeed, removing all temptations from your house is critical. You must stock your house with nutritious alternatives. Purchase plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for a healthful diet. Don’t forget beverages like water, juice, and tea to stay hydrated. Ultimately, these liquids will help flush alcohol toxins and replenish after throwing up. Suggestions include taking vitamin B, C, and E plus Omega-3s.

The Safest Place to Go Through Alcohol Detox

Frequently, people breaking an addiction to alcohol choose to remain at home since it feels cozy and safe. Nonetheless, at home alone isn’t how to safely detox from alcohol. First, the craving to drink will be super strong. If you’re by yourself, then you’re likely to end your sobriety before it really begins. Second, alcohol withdrawal could be life-threatening. Sometimes, alcoholics develop a condition called delirium tremens. To clarify, DTS can cause serious brain seizures and bizarre hallucinations. Hence, how to safely detox from alcohol is at an accredited rehab. In particular, an alcohol detox center will have clinical staff who will carefully watch over you. Uniquely, professional facilities can provide medical solutions that reduce your suffering too.

Alcoholism Treatment After Detox at Steps to Recovery

Ready to resolve your alcoholism for good? Steps to Recovery wants to guide you to lasting sobriety. For one thing, we can refer you to a professional detox program. Afterward, our Levittown center will customize Pennsylvania addiction recovery services to your needs. We have a 3:1 staff-client ratio to ensure holistic, individual care. Our compassionate staff follows extended pre-admissions protocol to really get to know each client. We can accurately select the right alcohol program, such as:

Don’t keep drowning your feelings in the bottle. Instead, let an experienced rehab show you how to safely detox from alcohol. Steps to Recovery can create a personalized therapy plan to prevent lapse following detox. Call 267.719.8528 today to begin your new life without drinking.