Sad fellow against the wall caught up in heroin epidemic.The heroin epidemic is becoming a bigger problem each year here in the United States, and it’s taking many lives. The Surgeon General of the United States stated that the epidemic is becoming a bigger problem than cancer. If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction, you need to know that you’re not alone, and there’s help. First, you should understand how this epidemic started because it began with a different type of drug.

How the Heroin Epidemic Began

If you were to ask anyone what the most dangerous drug is, most people would quickly say that it’s heroin. If heroin is such a dangerous drug and so many people know it, why is there such a big problem with it? It’s easy to think that most people should know better than to even try this drug, but it’s not that simple. Most people who develop an addiction to heroin started off with prescription opiates or opioids.

In the early 2000s, OxyContin hit the market and not only was it great for pain but people were told it wasn’t addictive. It didn’t take long for people to discover that this medication was highly addictive, but that didn’t stop its use. To this day, the United States still prescribes over 80 percent of the entire planet’s opioid supply. One of the primary reasons people try heroin is because they can no longer get prescriptions or afford prescription medications.

Some of the addictive opioids include:

Why do People Switch to Heroin?

It’s common to switch to heroin because it’s a much cheaper, more potent form of prescription opioids. When a person is buying prescription painkillers illegally or doesn’t have insurance, prescription opioids can be expensive. The other issue is that people become mentally and physically dependent on the medications, so they need a replacement. When a person is at a point where they feel they need opiates to survive, heroin becomes a valid option.

The Reality of the Heroin Epidemic Today

What statistics and studies are showing is that the heroin epidemic is becoming much worse in modern times. In some parts of the country, many people are going straight to heroin without having a medication addiction. In areas like the Northeast United States, many young people are trying heroin earlier than ever before. The other reality is that each year over 10,000 people die from overdoses, and even more overdose and survive.

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