Although it can seem like addiction sneaks up on you, there are often warning signs before then. If you care about someone who you suspect has a substance dependency, what do you look out for? Knowing some early signs of alcoholism can give you some guidance if you’re worried about a loved one who has a drinking problem.

Recognizing Early Signs of Alcoholism in a Loved One

man showing the early signs of alcoholismIt’s not always easy to recognize alcohol dependency. Because drinking is such an accepted part of social gatherings and celebrations, many people don’t think twice about how much they drink. It’s common for people to justify heavy drinking by saying they don’t do it all the time or that they can stop when they want to.

You may notice these early signs of alcoholism in a loved one:

  • Avoids events where there won’t be alcohol
  • Frequently drinks alone
  • Gets defensive when you bring up your concerns about their drinking
  • Has missed work or other obligations due to drinking
  • Claims they only drink to relax or deal with stress

Other signs include irritability when they can’t drink and planning their activities around drinking.

Should you ignore the early signs of alcoholism, hoping that your loved one doesn’t develop an addiction? Truthfully, it may already be too late. She may have an addiction that requires treatment if she has any hopes of leading a sober life.

Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Help

If your loved one is showing early signs of alcoholism, what next? How can you get him into the alcoholism treatment program he needs?

While you can’t force anyone into rehab, you can let them know you support their efforts to get well. You’ll have to avoid enabling behaviors, such as making excuses for them or covering for them. Instead, tell them you want them to seek treatment because of how much you care.

Some people have to hit rock bottom before they enter rehab, while others don’t let things get that far. It’s up to them when they decide they’ve had enough. Continue to encourage them for their health and happiness.

Transparent and Honest Addiction Treatment

Steps to Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Levittown that’s ready to help you or a loved one overcome a dependency on drugs and alcohol. Our compassionate professionals know that you want to support your loved one in his recovery. To that end, we foster a collaborative environment that integrates the family into each client’s treatment.

The Pennsylvania addiction recovery services we offer include:

When your loved one starts showing early signs of alcoholism, they need professional help. Call Steps to Recovery at 267.719.8528 today to find out how to help them overcome addiction and get back to living.