A woman smiles while choosing the right drug rehab centersIf you want to conquer drug addiction, finding the right rehab program is necessary. While there are many choices available, it’s difficult deciding on the right option. Fortunately, there are three signs of quality drug rehab centers to help you in your search. Look for each of these as you narrow down your options and find a suitable facility.

1. Pre-Admission Evaluations

One of the most important things to look for in a quality rehab center is an extensive patient evaluation. Ideally, this should happen before admission. Overall, it gives addiction counselors the opportunity to learn more about the individual history and uniqueness of each patient.

A pre-admission evaluation is a clear sign that rehab staff truly aims to create custom recovery plans. It also means they don’t employ a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. During this process, patients share details about their physical health, mental health, background, family, and addiction history. This information helps them create lasting and effective recovery plans.

2. Variety of Treatment Methods

Another sign of a quality rehab center is the availability of diverse treatment methods. Sometimes, rehab facilities only offer a few methods. While many patients might find these therapies suitable, a wide range of options is ideal.

Additionally, evidence-based treatment methods are important and should be the foundation of any recovery plan. These include family counseling, as well as individual behavioral therapy. However, other approaches offer additional support. The 12 step philosophy and holistic therapies both contribute to lasting health.

3. Multiple Stages of Treatment

You’ll also want to look for multifaceted phases of treatment. Recovery is a process, and therefore, patients should have multiple goals and transitions along the way.

After detox, patients may need to transition to an intensive outpatient program. This establishes structure and creates a routine. After a week or two in this program, patients are ready to step down to a less intensive program.

Being able to do this means slowly gaining more independence through recovery. In turn, this boosts confidence and shows patients how recovery is always possible. Furthermore, the opportunity to gain life skills while ensuring patients have a lasting support network leads to higher rates of success.

Finding Drug Rehab Centers to Suit Your Recovery Needs

As you begin looking for drug rehab centers that cover these areas, consider Steps to Recovery. With two phases of treatment and diverse programs, patients find it easy to commit to an effective recovery plan. We emphasize family involvement and focus on comprehensive, whole-person recovery.

Take the time to look at our available treatments and therapies you’ll have access to:

Individual psychotherapy
Addiction education
• Heavy family involvement and counseling
Group therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy

If you’re struggling to find a quality drug rehab center, look no further than Levittown, Pennsylvania. This is where you’ll find Steps to Recovery, which offers a fantastic range of comprehensive recovery programs. Call 267.719.8528 today. It’s never too late to get help.