Woman sitting on steps contemplating that drug and alcohol dependence is no way to live Understanding dependence on your substance of choice in your addiction isn’t easy. People think that those who are dependent on drugs lack willpower or simply refuse to change their lifestyle. However, drug and alcohol dependence eventually changes the chemical balance in the brain. This leads to addiction.

Physical dependency leads to withdrawal symptoms during drug and alcohol detox. This makes it extremely difficult for those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol to quit. Thankfully, drug rehab centers can provide the help and support that he or she needs to beat the addiction.

From Dependence to Addiction

When people are dependent on drugs or alcohol they feel that they need it to function normally. Over time, this leads to addiction. It’s easy for them to become addicted because of the chemical changes in their brains. Many times, this whole process starts with an actual prescription from a doctor or social drinking.

When people get hurt, for example, their doctors might prescribe pain-relieving drugs for them. These types of drugs are habit-forming and addictive. They will often continue to take the drugs even after they no longer need them. They may even lie to their doctors in an attempt to get more drugs.

These behaviors come about because of dependence on the drug. However, once this dependence mixes with obsession, addiction starts to set in. Under these conditions, people will do whatever it takes to get more drugs or alcohol, even if it’s causing them harm.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence

When people depend on drugs or alcohol, they continue to use even when it causes problems. This includes health and social problems. It’s often hard for them to see it themselves. Even if they do see it, they usually ignore it because they’re too scared to quit.

Determining if a person has a drug and alcohol dependence is easier for friends and family members. People who are dependent on alcohol or drugs feel that they need the substance just to get by. When determining if someone is dependent on drugs or alcohol, friends and family should ask themselves certain questions. If they answer “yes” to three or more of these questions, their loved ones may be dependent on drugs:

  • Do they have a hard time controlling how much they drink?
  • Do they spend a lot of time talking and thinking about drugs or alcohol?
  • Do they take drugs that their doctors didn’t prescribe?
  • If they stop drinking or using drugs, do they experience withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do they often have to drink more and more to get the same effect?
  • Have they tried to quit taking drugs or drinking before but were unable to do so?
  • Is drinking or taking drugs harming their relationships with loved ones?

Steps to Recovery Is Here to Help

Drug and alcohol dependence is a battle that you shouldn’t take on alone. Steps to Recovery is located in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and creates treatment plans based on your individual needs. Our staff takes a family-oriented approach, which involves family therapy and education.

We provide an intimate environment, with an average staff-to-client ratio of 3-to-1. Our clients often travel out of town to receive our treatment. Traveling to a rehab center could be a good idea for many people. It provides a new environment and often removes the influences that lead to relapse.

Some of the treatment programs that we provide at our center include

If you’ve tried other rehab centers and been unsuccessful, Steps to Recovery is for you. Our friendly staff members put your needs first. Don’t continue to grapple with dependence or addiction. Contact us at 267.719.8528 for more information on our customized treatment plans and get straight.