Addiction can be lonely and isolating, and many individuals struggling with addiction don’t realize how widespread the issue truly is. Understanding the scope of drug abuse statistics and addiction may encourage more people to get help sooner.

5% of the Global Adult Population Uses Drugs

When discussing the drug abuse statistics and the epidemic, it is important not to see it as an issue simply impacting a single country. Globally, more than 1 in 20 adults uses illicit drugs or improperly uses prescription drugs. In total, that is nearly a quarter of a billion people, which is a truly staggering number to comprehend.

Marijuana the Most-Used Drug in the United States

In America, over eight percent of adults currently use marijuana. In addition, that number is forecast to rise. With an increasing number of states allowing medical or recreational marijuana sale and consumption, the number of users is also rising.

Thankfully, Many Americans Seek Treatment for Drug Addiction or Abuse

Over a million Americans decide to seek treatment for a drug addiction each year, and even more receive dual diagnosis treatment for a co-occurring addiction that may include alcohol abuse.

Some individuals make the decision on their own to get addiction treatment, but others require the assistance and encouragement of loved ones. For instance, some people only get treatment because family members noticed signs of drug use and staged an intervention. Sometimes, this is the best way to make progress toward sobriety.

Far Too Many Americans Fall Into the Drug Treatment Gap

Despite the number of people who do seek treatment, an even larger number can’t or won’t. Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of those struggling with addiction ever receive appropriate treatment to help end that addiction.

Prescription Drug Use and Overdoses are on the Rise

Opiates, and particularly prescription painkillers, are growing in popularity in the United States. Multiple factors are contributing to their rise, and it has paved the way to higher rates of addiction for everything from morphine to heroin.

While opioid addictions have many repercussions, just one is the accidental overdose. Sadly, rates of opioid overdose have more than quadrupled over the last two decades.

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