How do you answer the question “Do I need rehab?”


In our society drug and alcohol use is socially accepted and almost a celebrated part of social life, especially as a young person. I found when I was younger that whether I was going out for a night on the town or staying in for dinner and movies with friends, drugs and alcohol always made an appearance. In fact, they were both usually a key component of whatever I did, and many of my friends were just like me. It can be really hard to decide when enough is enough, and make the decision that maybe rehab is a good idea. Here are some tell tale signs that rehab might be a good idea for you.

1) Declining Health – Have you started having health problems since drinking and using drugs? Drugs and alcohol can cause a very long list of health problems and can contribute to existing problems as well, creating a dangerous and scary situation. Some health problems caused by drugs or alcohol include liver and heart damage, cancer, memory loss, heart disease, brain damage, skin and dental problems, sexual performance problems, psychological problems such as psychosis and schizophrenia, and more. If you have been to the doctor for any of these concerns and have been told you need to abstain from using drugs and alcohol to avoid making them worse, you need rehab.

2) Withdrawal – Have you ever experienced withdrawal after ceasing drug and/or alcohol use? If this happens to you, you need medical attention immediately. Withdrawal symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, headaches, mood swings, blurred vision, insomnia, shaking and tremors, anxiety and depression, irritability, diarrhea, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and more. In the worst cases, withdrawal symptoms can even include seizures, respiratory depression, heart failure, coma, and death. If you are addicted to opiates or prescription opiate pain killers like vicodin or oxycontin, withdrawal symptoms can be very severe so it’s of the utmost importance that you are medically supervised during withdrawal from these substances.

3) Losing relationships or jobs – Have you lost relationships with friends or family members because of your partying? Do you avoid your friends or family because you are intoxicated? Relationships always suffer when people begin abusing drugs or alcohol. If people who care about you are asking you to seek help or are cutting you from their lives, you need rehab.

4) Work problems – Have you been late for work numerous times because of late nights partying or because you are intoxicated? Have you lost a job or jobs because of your drug or alcohol use? Can you not pass a drug test to get a job because you can’t clean up? Has the quality of your work decreased because you are using on the job? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need rehab.

5) Money problems – Substance abuse puts a huge strain on the personal finances of the addict. Drugs and alcohol become very expensive, addicts are often loose with their money while intoxicated because their decision making process is skewed, not to mention employment issues caused by addiction. If your personal finances are a mess because of your drug or alcohol use or you can’t afford your addiction anymore, you definitely need help.

6) Relapsing – Have you ever told yourself,  “This is the last time I am ever drinking” (or using another substance) only to find yourself using again as soon as you can? Have you been able to stay clean and sober for a few days but then relapse? Do you make excuses to yourself or others when you relapse? Frequent relapsing is an indication of serious addiction and needs to be addressed with the proper help and attention from professionals.

If any of the above items describe your experience since starting to use drugs and/or alcohol, or you find yourself asking “Do I need rehab?” then you should seek treatment immediately. It is possible to turn your life around and repair damaged relationships. There is help available to you whenever you are ready, you can start looking for help by clicking HERE.