a young woman dealing with depressionDepression and substance abuse often exist together. In cases where the problems coincide, treatment can become a bit more complicated. When it comes to successfully dealing with depression, it’s important to recognize the signs of a problem. Once the problem is detected, both addiction and depression must be given adequate attention as their own unique issues.

Signs of Depression

Detecting the presence of depression alongside substance abuse can be difficult. This is because some of the symptoms of both conditions may overlap. However, dealing with depression requires the ability to notice its presence. Consider these common symptoms of depression:

Isolation and Withdrawal

Those with depression often isolate themselves from others. They may also lose interest in their favorite activities or hobbies.

Sleeping Too Much

People facing depression often sleep a great deal. This may be due to a desire to avoid the negative feelings they are experiencing. Otherwise, it could also be a direct effect of any substances they may be using.

Lack of Appetite or Weight Loss

Some people facing depression lose their appetite. As a result, they may experience unintentional weight loss that changes their physical appearance.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common complaint among those struggling with depression. These individuals may also experience severe anxiety that accompanies these mood swings. Depression includes many emotions in addition to extreme sadness.

What is the Connection Between Depression and Substance Abuse?

Dealing with depression when it coincides with substance abuse can be very difficult. However, a dual diagnosis of this type is very common. In many cases, it can be difficult to tell which problem came first. For some, experiencing depression may make them resort to the abuse of addictive substances as a way of seeking relief from their emotional pain. For others, substance abuse may lead to the development of depression due to changes in the brain chemistry.

How Can You Help a Loved One Dealing with Depression?

No matter which problem came first, watching your loved one suffer can be tough to do. Dealing with depression is always a complicated issue. Continue to be there for your loved one as you seek appropriate professional depression treatment.

To achieve long-term success, your family member will require in-depth treatment for both addiction and depression. Quality treatment facilities that employ friendly and caring staff members can help your loved one experience the healing they deserve. Through innovative techniques that target the individual needs of each person, these treatment centers can provide relief from the pain of depression and healing from substance abuse.

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