Actively considering alcohol treatment centers for personal treatment is the first step toward a much happier, healthier and more productive life. Individuals in the US who suffer from alcohol addiction are part of the 6.6% of Americans aged 21 or older who admit they have a drinking problem. Of those 15 million people, sadly only about 1.3 million sought treatment in 2014, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Importance of Screening Alcohol Treatment Centers

How Can I Find the Best Alcohol Treatment Centers

Admitting readiness for treatment is something to be proud of, which means there can be a brighter future ahead for patients and those they love. According to the SAMHSA report, nearly 90% of Americans with a drinking problem haven’t made it this far. So anyone can expect to be a little apprehensive about making a decision regarding treatment. Patients obviously want the best possible care for alcohol dependence in order to strengthen for their greatest chance at lasting recovery.

Alcohol dependence is one of the most difficult forms of addiction to overcome. Many people working to overcome this disease struggle for a lifetime and many more fail to recover at all. For those who are ready to free themselves from the chains of alcohol addiction, alcohol treatment centers play a vital role in shaping their future.

Characteristics of the Best Alcohol Treatment Centers

The best alcohol treatment centers have many similar defining characteristics. These characteristics are excellent guidelines when seeking quality treatment and may be used as part of an initial screening process:

  • Options for treatment, such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient programs
  • Daily support and treatment engagement options for the most critical phases of rehab
  • Addiction-specializing psychiatric care to address co-occurring disorders and other therapeutic needs
  • Licensed and qualified therapists, counselors and other providers
  • Educational support regarding addiction and life skills, including nutrition, sustainable living, personal finance and parenting
  • Guidance in development of a healthy daily routine for structure
  • Family involvement, therapies and programs
  • Open and welcoming environment for people of all cultures, genders and orientations
  • Aftercare and sober living programs

Addiction to alcohol changes each patient’s life, just as it changes the lives of everyone in his or her family. The period of addiction delays personal growth in key areas that rehab and associated educational programs, aftercare and therapies must address. So just “getting over” the physical dependence of alcoholism isn’t enough. Rehab must be thorough and complete for lasting recovery to be possible.

Steps to Recovery Understands Needs of Patients Seeking Recovery from Alcohol

Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA understands that recovery requires community support and connection to others on the same path or those who have achieved lasting recovery. Intimacy, authenticity and transparency are principles threaded throughout recovery at Steps to Recovery, where patients are treated through a collaborative community approach. Programs are flexible, feature individually customized treatment plans and are aligned according to patient needs and life goals.

You’ve taken the first step of finding one of the best alcohol treatment centers in the country, so now you only have to make the call for your brighter future to start. Call Steps to Recovery now at 267.719.8528 for more information about treatment among peers from throughout the Northeast, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York.