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7 Tips To Stay Sober On Vacation

Strategies for Practicing Sobriety While Traveling Many people assume that being sober means giving up things you used to enjoy. But being sober for some of life’s greatest experiences, like traveling, traveling sober can open your eyes and will allow you to see the world in a brand new light. Whether you’re recovering from substance abuse, have simply chosen a sober lifestyle, or are looking to cut back on drugs

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Chemical Dependency Assessments & Evaluations

Many people are familiar with chemical dependency assessments, but may use different terms to describe them. Chemical dependency assessments are also referenced as chemical dependency evaluations and substance abuse assessments or evaluations. This type of test is commonly associated with addiction and abuse disorders.   What Is A Chemical Dependency Assessment? These assessments, regardless of what they’re called, are used to determine if someone is dependent on drugs or alcohol.

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What To Do If Your Friend Is Using Drugs

Substance abuse is a disease that is extremely common in the United States. Whether someone misuses prescription medications or seeks out illicit street drugs, they may develop a serious problem that can lead to a variety of mental and physical disorders. Sometimes you want to help someone even when you don’t know exactly how to. When you know someone who is using drugs, it’s natural for you to want to

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How to Control Overwhelming Emotions

Almost all of us can say that we’ve felt overwhelming emotions in some way over the past year or so. Emotions such as anger, sadness, stress, and frustration can sometimes take over and feel unbearable. These feelings sometimes leave us wondering if there is any way we can deal with them. How can we just control the negative emotions we feel? Holding them in never helps, but letting them out

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5 Things to Do If Your Spouse Is Hiding Alcohol

Next Steps to Take if You Think Your Spouse is An Alcoholic Finding alcohol hidden in your own home can be an unexpected, concerning, and upsetting experience. When you realize that someone you love has been hiding something from you, especially something that could be as severe as an addiction, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed and blindsided. While these emotions are completely natural and understandable, it’s important to handle a

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What to do if You Find Drugs in Your House

How Do You Respond If You Find Illegal Substances At Home? Did you stumble across illegal drugs while you were cleaning the house? Were you looking for proof that your teenager might be up to something? While most people who take drugs do their best to hide them, it’s possible to discover that a loved one is using by finding their stash. No matter how you found the drugs in

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Which Pill Is the Best for A Hangover?

Trying To Beat A Hangover? Learn About the Best Over-the-Counter Cures For those of us that have experienced a hangover in our lives, we know that they aren’t pleasant. From anywhere from 24-72 hours, we find ourselves wearing sunglasses indoors and asking if there’s a way to make it end. Well, even though there’s no cut-and-dry cure for a hangover, there are ways to effectively relieve the symptoms. Some can

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Is Vicodin Still Being Manufactured?

You’ve most likely heard of Vicodin; and you probably even know what it does. What many don’t know, however, is the journey it’s been on over the past few decades as a narcotic prescription drug.   What Is Vicodin? Vicodin is a brand name for a narcotic pain reliever. This drug, either in the form of a tablet, capsule, or liquid, is a combination of hydrocodone & acetaminophen. This same

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What Are Examples of Codependency?

What Is Codependency? Codependency is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects one’s ability to maintain healthy relationships. While it’s not recognized as a diagnosable illness, codependency is extremely common and is often referred to as “relationship addiction.” Someone with a codependent personality typically has a bad relationship with themselves. Therefore, they feel compelled to receive self-worth from external sources like other people.   Reasons Someone Might Be Codependent There

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8 Best Holiday Gifts to Give to Someone Who’s Sober

Cross Everyone Off Your List Holiday shopping is already difficult enough in 2020, let alone when you don’t know what to get anyone yet. You may have started looking around for holiday gifts to cross family & friends off your shopping list; and if you have, you know it’s not always as fun as it sounds. You have to find the perfect gift for each person, only to search for


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