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Pro Wrestling Steroid Abuse

Wrestlemania 29, a Legacy of Steroid Abuse

Wrestlemania 29 was tonight, and many people all over the world tuned into their televisions and computers to watch the action. I didn’t watch Wrestlemania 29, haven’t watched wrestling for many years, but when I was a teenager and even into young adulthood, watching wrestling was something I did religiously with my younger brother. He loved watching wrestling so much, and I loved spending that time with him, joking around

Kurt Cobain Addiction Suicidea

Remembering Kurt Cobain

19 years ago yesterday, icon of Generation X and grunge rock Kurt Cobain passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Some would say that his band, Nirvana, spearheaded the grunge rock movement and that he was the spokesperson for that generation. There is no doubt that he and his band were wildly popular and adored; he was very talented and most of his former band mates continue on successfully creating

Alcohol Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza and its Connection to Alcohol

Posted by Steps to Recovery on April 3, 2013 Music festival season is upon us! My favorite time of year. Going to see amazing bands and musicians, dancing, the food, people watching…So many amazing things come along with attending a music festival. Everyone seems to be really excited for Lollapalooza this year, and who wouldn’t be? Amazing headliners like Mumford and Sons, Nine Inch Nails and The Killers, and equally

Chris Herren

Chris Herren’s “REBOUND” Inspirational Talk on Drug Addiction and the Road to Recovery

“REBOUND”- An Inspirational Talk on Drug Addiction and the Road to Recovery by former NBA player Chris Herren We are pleased to announce that Chris Herren, a former NBA player, will speak to parents and students (age 11 and older) about his struggles with addiction and his courageous road to recovery. In November, Chris presented to over 1,000 Ridgefield parents, children, and community members, and received rave reviews from all

March Madness Addiction Gambling

The Impact of March Madness on Addiction

Posted by Steps to Recovery on April 1, 2013 For basketball fans, March Madness is a big deal. After all, the national champion of basketball for the year will be determined, this is what all college basketball fans are waiting for! Practically everyone from sports fanatics to college students, workplace pools to kids of all ages, even the President of the United States make sure to make their picks. It’s

Marijuana College Dropouts

Marijuana Use Increases Chances of Kids Becoming College Drop Outs

Posted by Steps to Recovery on March 26, 2013 When your kids were in high school or even getting ready to go to college, did you talk with them about marijuana? Many young people feel marijuana use is pretty harmless, but studies show that marijuana use in college may lead to dramatically higher drop out rates. Using marijuana in college may increase the risk of leaving school, a new study

evidence of Teens illicit drug use

Marijuana Use in Teens is the Cause of Increased Illicit Drug Use

Posted by Steps to Recovery on February 27, 2013 Marijuana has always been called a gateway drug. It just starts people down a path of letting their inhibitions go, and when you start using any kind of drug it becomes so much easier to try the next thing on the list. A lot of people think marijuana is harmless, what bad can smoking a little pot do? Well, I can

damage and Consequences of Methamphetamine Addiction

Cognitive Consequences of Methamphetamine Addiction

Posted by Steps to Recovery on February 24, 2013 An important thing to remember when a loved one is going through detox and recovery is that they may experience cognitive consequences during withdrawal. New research is showing indications that there are changes not only in the behavior of mice who have methamphetamine addiction while going through withdrawal, but also in their brains. This may inspire some change around how health

Substance Abuse Prevention

Fewer Teens Receiving Substance Abuse Prevention Messages

Posted by Steps to Recovery on February 8, 2013 The most vulnerable people in our culture are now receiving less support around substance abuse prevention. Current government research is indicating that a high percentage of teenagers are experiencing fewer messages about substance abuse prevention from the media and at school. This new report shows that in 2011, just over eight percent fewer teens were exposed to this vital type of

Top 10 Addiction Support Sites

Turn to Help for Opioid Addiction

Opiate dependence is a growing problem in the United States, as not only is heroin use on the increase, but more people are becoming addicted to opiates commonly prescribed for pain relief. For instance, the results of the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health not only show that around 517,000 people suffer from heroin dependency, but close to 1.9 million are also dependent on prescription painkillers(1). Addiction


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