Get Free of Addiction with a Levittown PA Drug Rehab Center

If you live in Bucks County, PA, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know is struggling with a heroin or opiate addiction. In recent years, use and abuse of these drugs has soared nationally and locally, and recovery houses in Bucks County have made headlines due to the sheer number of them in the area. A recovery house is a viable option for aftercare, but starting on that road should begin with attending a Levittown PA drug rehab center. Some of those who end up in these houses have also attended multiple rehab centers, only to continue struggling with their addictions after leaving.

At Steps to Recovery in Levittown, PA, we are particularly focused on helping people who have gone to other treatment centers. We also pay particular attention to guests who need dual diagnosis treatment for their co-occurring issues. Without proper diagnosis of these issues, addiction treatment ends up only being temporary and the risk of relapse is high. Because of Steps to Recovery’s strong reputation in helping these people, we are often referred by other treatment centers in the area.

Integrating Families in Treatment at a Levittown PA Drug Rehab

When people enter rehab treatment, family members usually want to know how they can support their loved one during treatment and recovery. Steps to Recovery works to integrate family members into the process of recovery for patients. Environments and relationships often have a profound effect on those struggling with addiction. The very beginning of entering treatment with Steps to Recovery is the pre-admissions process and it’s there that we begin integrating family members into the overall process.

Our family program brings loved ones in to help patients get motivated for treatment, maintain contact throughout treatment and arrange for supportive aftercare. We emphasize two main points in our philosophy:

  • Understanding: families learn about boundaries and how to have healthy expectations.
  • Connection: families learn to leave behind the vicious cycle of anger and blame and to move forward in being supportive.

Get Free of Addiction with a Reputable Levittown PA Drug Rehab Center

No matter what your path has been in struggling with addiction, whether it’s your first time in rehab, or your 10th, we at Steps to Recovery approach everyone the same way. Our patients’ needs are always the top priority at our Levittown PA drug rehab center.

Don’t spend another day struggling with addiction, or watching someone you love struggle. Call Steps To Recovery today at 267.719.8528 and find out how we can help.