Confused-looking man trying to sidestep alcohol withdrawal symptoms.Alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen when an individual who has been heavily drinking for a long period of time and on a daily basis stops drinking all at once. If someone stops drinking all at once for more than a day, they are essentially beginning detox, and detoxification always brings with it alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get around withdrawal. But you can make it better, and Steps to Recovery can show you how.

What Are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable. Initial symptoms may include shaking, headaches, irritability, and insomnia. More severe withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependence may occur after the first few days or even weeks of detox. These may include hallucinations, tremors, severe stomach pain and nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

It should go without saying that the prospect of these symptoms is extremely frightening for someone who is trying to quit alcohol. That’s because, on top of the symptoms, they’ll also need to combat the intense feelings of cravings that will accompany detox.

Improving Withdrawal Symptoms

As stated above, there is no surefire way to get around alcohol withdrawal symptoms. But you can minimize them, and in some cases, you can even eliminate certain pains and discomforts.

The only way to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal is to go through alcohol detox at a professional treatment center. Detoxification centers that provide medically monitored detox will keep you comfortable and safe throughout the entire of process. For many individuals, this minimizes withdrawal symptoms so much that they hardly experience them.

Finding Hope With Steps to Recovery

Steps to Recovery is a full recovery center that can help you stop abusing alcohol and learn to live a fulfilled life as a sober individual. We offer numerous services to help you recover from the disease of addiction. These include:

  • Daily goal setting and basic life skills
  • 12-step program education
  • Long-term sobriety goals
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Get in Touch With Us

To begin alcoholism treatment as soon as possible, give Steps to Recovery a call at 267.719.8528. One of our confidential and knowledgeable representatives will be able to speak with you right away about your treatment options, starting with alcohol detox.

At Steps to Recovery, we offer a unique two-phase program that has helped hundreds of men and women successfully stop abusing substances and go on to live fulfilling and productive lives. The first phase of the program involves partial hospitalization for 12 to 16 days as well as intensive outpatient treatment for an additional 12 to 16 days. During this time, treatment is centered on individual and family counseling, 12-step program education and improving basic life skills. Phase two expands on those life skills and focuses on longer-term sobriety goals.

To get started with our program, give us a call today. It’s never too late to start on your path to recovery and a new life, alcohol-free.