man potentially suffering from alcohol poisoning symptomsIf you have a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism, it’s imperative to understand alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is a significant problem in the United States, so knowing the symptoms could save a life. Time is of the essence in this situation, and the alcohol poisoning symptoms can sometimes be hard to spot. You’re about to learn about the various signs of alcohol poisoning so you can respond as quickly as possible.

What are some Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms?

The liver is designed to process about one serving of alcohol per hour. That can measure out to one beer, glass of wine, or a shot of liquor. Typically, alcohol poisoning happens when a person binge drinks, which is having four or more drinks in two hours. The symptoms of alcohol poisoning may not occur immediately because it takes time for the alcohol to enter the bloodstream. If the person is at risk of experiencing alcohol poisoning, these are the symptoms to look for:

  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Inability to stay awake
  • Seizure
  • Skin turning blue especially around the lips or under fingernails
  • Depressed breathing

These are only some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, but they are the main ones to look for. What you can do to help in this situation is to call for emergency help as quickly as possible. From here, it’s essential to keep the person awake if possible and to sit upright. You shouldn’t try to feed the person because it can result in choking.

Additional Risks for Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

Many people don’t realize it, but the use of other drugs can actually increase the possibility of alcohol poisoning. If someone has an alcohol addiction, they may also use stimulants like cocaine or prescription amphetamines. When using these types of stimulant drugs, the person doesn’t feel the effects of alcohol abuse. Being drunk is the body’s way of telling a person to slow down or stop, but stimulants will diminish those feelings.

Getting Help for Alcoholism with Steps to Recovery

Whether the person you know has experienced alcohol poisoning before or not, it’s important that they get help. Addiction treatment is a way to help your loved one overcome his or her addiction to alcohol so they can live a better life. Many people who struggle with an addiction to alcohol want to stop, but they don’t know how. In addiction treatment, your loved one will receive the tools necessary to quit drinking and regain control.

Steps to Recovery is a full-service addiction treatment program that’s here to help you and your loved one. We offer alcohol drug education to help all members of the family understand the disease of addiction. From here, our goal is to help everyone heal because addiction is a family disease. Some of the forms of therapy that we offer here include:

To learn more about these alcohol poisoning symptoms and how to help your loved one, reach out to Steps to Recovery today. Call us at 267.719.8528 to learn about our programs and services for alcohol abuse and addiction.