Addiction can form in a variety of different ways, and Adderall side effects don’t only affect those with ADHD. In the United States, more people are passing away from prescription drug overdoses than any other type of drug. It’s important to understand how addiction to Adderall develops and why people abuse it. ADHD is a common reason why a person may develop an addiction, and it’s because the medication is a controlled substance with addictive qualities.

Adderall Side Effects and ADHD

Young girls at window, lethargic, suffering from Adderall side effects.

Not everyone develops an addiction, but there are different risk factors that cause a person to develop this disease. The leading risk factor for developing an addiction is mental illness, and ADHD is very common. There are different arguments about this mental illness because some believe kids receive a diagnosis too young. The symptoms of ADHD can sometimes be completely normal for a person, but they might also be an issue.

The symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

The reason there are debates about diagnosing children is because due to brain development, these symptoms might be normal. In any case, the medication given to anyone with this diagnosis helps him or her focus. The medication is a stimulant that also helps a person stay awake much longer while maintaining focus. Not only that, but the medication also releases dopamine, which can make the brain develop a dependence.

Developing Adderall Side Effects

Someone who has a prescription for this medication may begin abusing the medication by taking extra. This is very common among students as well as business professionals who want to get more work done. The person may justify his or her use because it is helping them be more productive, but it may be damaging their life. Using this medication can result in a person having issues at work, school or home.

There are also those who experience Adderall side effects because he or she just wants to get high. Many people buy the medication illegally in order to get the high that he or she is looking for. Many people also use the medication when drinking because it acts similarly to cocaine. The medication allows a person to drink more without experiencing all of the side effects of alcohol.

Adderall is a stimulant and has all the side effects that brings, such as sudden death, heart problems, stroke, heart attacks, mania/psychosis, hallucinations, agitation, aggression, skin reactions/problems, and restricted blood flow. These side effects should always be checked out by your doctor. If you find yourself addicted, we can help.

If you have an addiction to this medication or are beginning to see a problem with it, allow us to help. Steps to Recovery specializes in treating people with a prescription drug addiction, and we want to teach you a new way of living. Through various treatment methods as well as a 12-step program treatment model, we’ll help give you hope to live a better life. If you’re ready to be free from active addiction, call us today at 267.719.8528.