Our best tips for staying sober during St. Patrick’s Day 

If you or someone you love has ever gone through the recovery process before, you probably know how difficult it is to stay sober on holidays. And some of these holidays, especially the ones that celebrate heavy drinking, are the hardest to get through for people who are newly sober.

One holiday that encourages alcohol consumption is St. Patrick’s Day. While the day is named after an Irish saint, people from all backgrounds usually gather on St. Patrick’s Day to participate in an activity that thousands of people around the world practice: drinking.


The Typical St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Pre-pandemic, Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated with bar crawls, party buses, and parades. People from Ireland, The United States, and other countries would gather in large groups to sing, dance, drink, and celebrate the Irish heritage from early in the morning until late at night.

Because of restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Patrick’s Day will most likely be celebrated differently this year. However, your friends and/or family may still get together for the holiday. Below, you’ll find some fun ways to celebrate Saint Patty’s while staying sober.


Staying Sober Through St. Patrick’s Day

There is pressure everywhere you turn on St. Patrick’s Day. Almost everyone over the age of 21 has a beer, a cocktail, or another type of alcoholic drink in their hand throughout the day. The temptation can be hard to resist, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day while staying sober.

Stay Home

This tip is helpful to practice not only because you won’t be around people who are drinking, but you’ll be following COVID guidelines and keeping yourself safe. Spend St. Patrick’s Day cuddled on the couch watching Irish movies or documentaries for a cozy celebration at home.


Host A Sober Party

Grab a couple of sober friends, make mocktails, and dance around to start a party of your own. Or if you’d like to try someone more creative, spend the night creating cute Irish-themed crafts.


Eat Irish Food

Who doesn’t love a potluck? Have a couple friends or family members over to enjoy classic Irish foods. Enjoy the holiday by digging into cabbage, Irish potatoes, and more yummy homemade dishes.


Wear Green

Who says you can’t enjoy St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t go out and party? If you decide to stay home, you can still transform into holiday mode. Put on some green clothes, deck out your room with decor, and indulge in some chocolate gold coins.


Sobriety on Special Occasions

Staying sober on holidays is hard, but it will be worth it to move forward and live a healthy life. When going into holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, remember your motivation and why you worked so hard to get to the point you are at today.

If you are spending time with others on St. Patrick’s Day or other special occasions, have an exit strategy and a plan for coping with triggers in a productive way.


Living Sober Past St. Patty’s

Once you’ve made it past the holidays, you will be more equipped to stay sober in your everyday life. It does take work, however, to continue with recovery and hold yourself accountable. Make sure you have a strong support system that will encourage you throughout your recovery journey.

For more tips about how to stay sober on St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays, contact our team of substance abuse & addiction professionals. Give us a call at 267.719.8528.