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Playing the victim drug addiction

Playing the Victim

By Steps to Recovery on November 30, 2012 Are you playing the victim? Are you blaming others for your situation or making excuses for why things

Addiction Recovery Self Image

Who Are You in Recovery

By Steps to Recovery on November 29, 2012 Who are you in recovery? How do you define yourself? Do you live in the past, allowing the

Risky Behaviors in Addiction Recovery

Risky Behaviors in Recovery

By Steps to Recovery on November 28, 2012 Risky behaviors in recovery are a great formula for relapse. It is easy, sometimes, for the clean addict to

woman stopping her drug abuse filling the void

Plugging the Hole

By Steps to Recovery on November 26, 2012 I spent many, many, many years of my life working really hard doing whatever I could to drown out

Recovery and Thoughts of Using

By Steps to Recovery on November 25, 2012 It happens to me sometimes, even though I love recovery. I’ll be doing my thing throughout the

Recovery During the Holidays

By Steps to Recovery on November 23, 2012 I have to say, man, it really feels good to wake up after a holiday not feeling like crap.

Staying Sober on Thanksgiving

By Steps to Recovery on November 22, 2012 – Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is upon us, and everyone in recovery knows just how difficult staying sober

5 Reasons You Should Go To Rehab

By Steps to Recovery on November 21, 2012 Are you thinking rehab might be a good idea for you? It’s a scary thing to think

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